Tribute to Marielle in the Chamber takes on the dimension of a political act with arrests – 03/24/2024 – Panel

Tribute to Marielle in the Chamber takes on the dimension of a political act with arrests – 03/24/2024 – Panel


A solemn session in honor of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes, which was already scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning (26) in the Chamber of Deputies, in Brasília, gained a new dimension following the arrests of those suspected of having the councilor murdered, according to parliamentarians .

There is an assessment that it will take on the shape of a political act. In addition to congressmen and members of civil society, ministers from the Lula (PT) government are also expected to participate. Minister Anielle Franco (Racial Equality), Marielle’s sister, should initially attend.

The event was requested by deputy Talíria Petrone (PSOL-RJ) and was already scheduled to take place on Tuesday. “We hold solemn sessions in the Chamber every year to remember Marielle’s legacy, but also to ask for justice. Now, it will take place at a time when those who ordered it are finally being held accountable”, she says.

“We are going to celebrate Marielle’s legacy, but also announce that the closure of this fracture in Brazilian democracy is underway. We hope that it will be a milestone, so that we can demand what is missing from this outcome. And also an announcement that the Brazilian parliament will face the militias and the political crimes committed by them over the years”, continues Talíria.

Deputy Pastor Henrique Vieira (PSOL-RJ) says that the session takes on the character of an act in honor of the two and “in defense of democracy”.

Government leader in the House, José Guimarães (PT-CE) states that the event now “acquires another dimension”. “The country is following the developments of today’s events and, therefore, its eyes will be focused on the Chamber.”

This Sunday (24), the Federal Police arrested three suspects of ordering the murder of Marielle and her driver Anderson Gomes, in addition to the attempt to kill advisor Fernanda Chaves, in March 2018.

The three arrested are federal deputy Chiquinho Brazão (União Brasil-RJ), the counselor of the TCE (State Audit Court) of Rio Domingos Brazão and delegate Rivaldo Barbosa, former head of the Civil Police in Rio.

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