Operation reaffirms that Bolsonaro had no connection to murder

Operation reaffirms that Bolsonaro had no connection to murder


After the arrest of three suspects involved in the death of councilwoman Marielle Franco, from PSOL in Rio de Janeiro, in an operation launched by the Federal Police this Sunday morning (24), senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) used social media to to reflect on the police’s action, which, according to him, reaffirms that his father, former president Jair Bolsonaro, had no relationship with the crime, as many have insinuated.

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Flávio Bolsonaro also stated on the social network that despite this fact, and the progress of investigations into the crime that occurred six years ago, with the death of Marielle and driver Anderson Gomes, the “left wants to create an association that does not exist”.

Still according to Flávio Bolsonaro, this type of false narrative is dangerous and criminal and “encourages virtual and physical lynchings, in addition to putting the lives of innocent people at risk.” The senator also defended that justice should continue with the investigations, and move towards a definitive solution to the case.

During Operation Murder Inc, launched by the Federal Police this Sunday, federal deputy Chiquinho Brazão and his brother, the counselor of the Court of Auditors of the State of Rio de Janeiro (TCE-RJ), Domingos Brazão, and delegate Rivaldo Barbosa, former head of the Civil Police in Rio. 12 search and seizure warrants were also executed by the STF, in Rio.

In the early afternoon, the Minister of Justice, Ricardo Lewandowski, held a press conference to talk about the conclusion of investigations related to the murders of Rio de Janeiro councilor Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes, in addition to the attempted murder against the advisor by councilor, Fernanda Chaves.

For Lewandowski, the conclusion of the investigations is a triumph for the Brazilian State against organized crime. “This most important stage of the investigations has been completed, after more than five years of fruitless investigations. This shows that organized crime will not be successful here in our country, because we have a strong and effective police force”, he argues.

The general director of the PF, Andrei Rodrigues, reinforced the fact that, according to investigations, led to the murders. “We cannot say that there was a single and exclusive fact. It involves the issue of militia, territorial dispute, regularization of subdivisions, enterprises. And that, in that context, there was a scenario of dispute, which culminated in this barbaric murder”


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