The regrettable state of Corinthians – 02/07/2024 – Juca Kfouri

The regrettable state of Corinthians – 02/07/2024 – Juca Kfouri

Doctor Sócrates once said: “Corinthians is a state of mind”.

I would add, without any second thoughts regarding the biggest rival nowadays, pig spirit.

Neighbor Sandro Macedo, always witty, added the “esses”, which are scarce in the vocabulary of the club’s current leader, to the top hat’s name: Augustus Melos.

A more than accurate nickname, which I will adopt without giving more credit to the author, among other reasons because, as I punish the rare reader three times a week in this Sheetand he just one (increase, increase), I will end up as the father of the idea.

Augustus Melos is not just one person either.

It’s like most of those who manage Brazilian football.

He was left with the so-called cursed inheritance of Duilio Monteiro Alves, who doesn’t eat the “those”, but evacuated the black and white miseries like no one else, in criminal management that should have culminated in his expulsion from the club.

Augustus Melos, in one month, managed to surpass him by turning Corinthians into a joke. In bad taste.

Listing all the barbarities already committed would be idle, because more than known, some were cited by Macedo.

Augustus Melos cares little about what people think and say about him in his barrage of barbarities, the result of poor media training, in which keywords are repeated and almost never connected to each other, a true incomprehensible dialect: “Next week you will have a surprise, they are all technicians, all professionals, there are only a few details missing, I’m sure that God willing everything will be fine” and so on. The latest news is to say that he never promised anything, at the same time that his actions show his fear of organized fans.

What concerns Augustus is the $. Since always.

That was when he took over União Barbarense as a player warehouse and took it to the bottom.

And it continued to be so as he fought for six years to come to power, through protest votes and financed by God knows who, in the second most popular club in the country — the first in the largest and richest market in Brazil.

As he doubts whether he will reach the end of his three-year mandate, he is eager and slips on all the banana peels he can, to the point of crossing the street to step on them.

It seems so implausible that it reminds us of the winner of the 2018 presidential election, whose results the epidemic revealed only as a worse face.

Someone said, and it wasn’t Socrates, still the player, not the philosopher, that Brazil is bigger than the abyss.
Perhaps Corinthians is the same, although three more years like the previous ones may prove that this is not the case.

And the question is far from knowing whether the team will fall to the second division of Paulistinha, which could even put an end to the monster that lost its reason for being decades ago. But not even Augustus has the competence to do so, no matter how hard he tries.

The problem lies in the size of the bloodletting that is approaching in the bloodless Parque São Jorge club.

Corinthians has seen many ruinous administrations, one of them, in 1972, by Miguel Martinez, who spent 15 months as president and was impeached.

So, Corinthians debt was around US$1 million, something unthinkable at that time.

Today, there are those who guarantee that, added to the stadium’s debt, it exceeds 400 million. Also from dollars!

Between the “esses” and the $, pardon the bad pun, the situation is an alarming SOS.

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