The price scandal of the Copa do Brasil finals – 09/14/2023 – PVC

The price scandal of the Copa do Brasil finals – 09/14/2023 – PVC

The scandal surrounding the increase in ticket prices for the Copa do Brasil finals led Procon to look for Flamengo. And it made the president of São Paulo try to answer, in vain, why he thinks he runs the most popular club in the country, since the face value of the cheapest ticket for the games is R$200.

But this face value is not an absolute truth, and São Paulo members will be able to enter the stadium for R$50.30.

It is always important to give complete information.

The São Paulo x Flamengo decision indicates that there are important adjustments to be made so that Brazil continues to increase the number of fans in the stands and allows access for all social classes.

Supporter membership programs represent the most determining factor in the growth of attendance at stadiums. With 26,000 paying per game, this year’s Series A surpasses by 17% the record in the country’s history, recorded 40 years ago. Still, it is necessary to improve.

In the semi-final, against Corinthians, São Paulo charged R$75 for the cheapest ticket, R$35 for those entitled to half price. In the final, against Flamengo, the full price rose to R$ 200. The increase was 185%! Abusive.

It is possible to create another account. The tricolor member who pays R$199.99 per month has priority and will need to add R$0.30. Dividing this R$ 199.99 by the four games that, on average, the team plays per month at its stadium, it is R$ 50.30 to access Morumbi. It is the lowest amount to be spent by São Paulo residents.

The mortal sin is São Paulo and Flamengo offering preference to those who pay more, not to those who have more attendance. A comparison. Palmeiras on the gold plan pay R$144 per month and have a 100% discount on all matches. You will be given priority to buy a ticket if you were present at 80% of them.

Unlike the finalists of the Copa do Brasil, primacy in Palmeiras and Corinthians goes to those who always pass through the turnstile, not those who pay the most.

For a Palmeiras fan with this plan, the ticket will end up costing R$36 (R$144 divided by 4) against Cuiabá —in the Series A debut—, against Boca Juniors —in the Libertadores semifinal— or in the Copa do Brasil final.

The priority needs to be for those who always go, not for those who pay more. The red-black account is more cruel than the São Paulo one. The lowest amount will be R$125. The bill includes paying for a quarter of a membership plan with friends, going to all four games of the month and applying the 50% discount. Even so, R$125 to enter.

Is too expensive!

It’s not fair to say that football is more elite than in the past, but Flamengo is. 40 years ago, when general tickets were cheap, prices in the finals rose by an average of 60%. In the first round of 1983, it cost, on average, Cr$53 (cruises). In the final, Santos x Flamengo, Cr$ 1,084 was paid. Even considering there was monthly inflation during that period, it was an abuse.

And the stands were empty. Flamengo received 155,000 fans for the final against Santos and just 6,000 against Americano, in a stadium with 200,000 seats.

It was the championship with a record number of spectators: 22,983 thousand per game. Today, the average is 17% higher: 26,857.

There is something working well to have more people in the stadiums.

On the other hand, something doesn’t work. The plans of Flamengo and São Paulo — the most popular club in Brazil, the red-black club, and what it proposes to be — should not prioritize who pays the highest amount.

Fans who go three to four times a month should have the chance to buy their tickets at a fair price. There is no justice, in Brazil, in charging R$100 for a football show.

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