Santos helps pay debt and Chulapa leaves prison

Santos helps pay debt and Chulapa leaves prison

Serginho Chulapaformer player and former coach, with experience in Santos and São Paulo, was released on Wednesday night (14), following an arrest warrant for non-payment of child support to one of his children.

He was released around 6 pm (Brasília time) after paying, with the help of Santos, the debt in the amount of R$25,865.99. According to the Estadãothe action was filed in the Family Court of Successions of the Catanduva Court by his ex-wife Dalila Carniello, on behalf of her son, João Bernardino, a minor.

Chulapa should pay around three minimum wages a month, equivalent to R$4,000. According to the defense, led by Claudio Aparecido da Silva, in contact with the report, the former player claims “financial and health problems” for not having made the payment. To leave prison, he had help from Santos, who paid the debt.

The values ​​were stipulated when Chulapa was a member of Santos’ permanent technical committee, of which he has no longer been a part since last year. In August 2022, he reached an agreement with his ex-wife to reduce the amount of his pension to R$2,000. According to the former striker’s lawyer, Dalila accepted the agreement at the time, but asked, because she felt harmed, that Chulapa pay the R$4,000 a month.

The Santos idol was arrested on Tuesday (12), after an approach at a gas station in Santos. The police officers who carried out the action discovered that the former player had an arrest warrant, issued in Catanduva (SP). He was taken to the Judiciary Police Center (CPJ) and, subsequently, to the Santos Public Prison.

When he left the club’s permanent technical committee last year, Chulapa was elevated, by the management of president Andrés Rueda, to the status of “Eternal Idol of Santos FC”, for his years as an athlete at the institution. This made Santos aware of his situation and helped pay off the debt.

Already at home, Chulapa, together with his defense, will now seek a review of the amount of alimony. In addition to alleging financial problems, he mentions that he no longer has the same income as when he was on the Santos committee. Therefore, he could not afford the values ​​pre-established with his ex-wife.

“The next step is to review the values, citing Chulapa’s new financial conditions. This part has not yet been established”, points out his lawyer, when Estadão. Last year, the former player also had one of his properties, located in Vila Olímpia, expropriated due to debts with the condominium.

Chulapa was revealed by São Paulo in 1973. He is to this day the greatest scorer in the club’s history, with 268 goals. In addition to the tricolor team, he had spells at Corinthians and Santos. He also played in the 1982 World Cup for the Brazilian team.

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