The best pasta restaurant in Curitiba is Massas do Italiano

The best pasta restaurant in Curitiba is Massas do Italiano

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There were another 12 thousand votes in the ‘mass restaurant’ category.| Photo: Dayane Malinoski

Pasta is a culinary wonder, it can be noodles, lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti, or any other form that creativity allows. Pasta is comfort food, showing that, even with just a few ingredients, it is possible to create dishes that make us salivate. And of course the Bom Gourmet Award would have a special category for this delicacy. In 2023, we will count on the public’s help to choose the best pasta restaurant in Curitiba.

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The public voted and elected Massas do Italiano as the best pasta restaurant in Curitiba. The love story for pasta began when chef Zenir Pereira Malinoski came from Abatiá (PR) to Curitiba. In partnership with her husband Leonardo Cesar Malinoski, who is of Italian origin, she took over a pasta house in 1994. This gave rise to the family business that continues to this day with colorful and themed pasta.

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On Halloween, the company produces pumpkin-shaped pasta, on Valentine’s Day, in heart shape, and so on, entertaining customers while they indulge. Traditional fresh pasta is also a hit. The house specialty is Bolognese lasagna and, on cold days, chicken agnolini. In addition to the dishes, the place also offers pasta options for sale in vacuum packaging for preparation at home.

Price: Traditional pasta R$ 62.90 (average/kg) and themed pasta R$ 125 (average/kg).

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