Tarcísio launches an app for teachers to record student absences – 03/16/2023 – Educação

Tarcísio launches an app for teachers to record student absences – 03/16/2023 – Educação

The Tarcísio de Freitas government (Republicans) announced this Thursday (16) that it will use an application to control student absences in São Paulo state schools. With technology, the management wants to reduce the school abstention rate.

Since 2018, the State Department of Education of São Paulo has provided an application with this function, Minha Escola São Paulo. According to Renato Feder, secretary of the folder, the old system will be discontinued and the units will have to use the new one, called Aluno Presente.

According to Feder, the difference of the new application is in the “simplicity” and in the greater agility for the launching of the information.

“The big difference of this application is the simplicity [para o uso]. Before, this information was not visible to the school director quickly, now he will be able to access it in real time”, said Feder.

The secretary also said that the high rate of absences in the network is one of his biggest concerns, since it can increase school dropouts, in addition to resulting in low learning rates. According to the folder, an average of 400,000 students miss classes per day, around 15% of the entire network.

“We need to measure and monitor the student’s attendance quickly and constantly to understand why he is not going to school. We need to understand the reasons for being able to act”, added Tarcísio.

The Aluno Presente application is part of a package called Sala do Futuro, announced by Feder this Thursday — the management promises new initiatives throughout the year, all linked to the use of technology in education. Feder is a businessman in the area and has argued that digital tools will improve the quality of education in São Paulo.

This Thursday, the government also announced the change of name of an assessment that is already carried out with students at the end of each two-month period: the AAP (Assessment of Learning in Process) will be renamed Prova Paulista.

The evaluation will continue with the same model and being done digitally. According to the secretary, the difference is that the result will be available to the teachers 24 hours after the application of the test to the students. Previously, accessing notes took about a week.

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