Plenary of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).| Photo: Carlos Moura/SCO/STF.

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) defined this Wednesday (24) the fourfold list to be sent to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) for the choice of two lawyers for effective seats in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). The Electoral Court is composed of seven ministers, three from the STF, two from the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and two lawyers with notorious legal knowledge.

The list is made up of lawyers Edilene Lobo, linked to the PT in Minas Gerais; André Ramos Tavares, deputy minister at the TSE; Floriano de Azevedo Marques, linked to Minister Alexandre de Moraes, and lawyer Daniela Borges, informed Agência Brasil. With the definition of the names, the list will be formally sent to the Presidency of the Republic, and it will be up to him to choose two of the four suggested names. There is no legal deadline for the choice.

Vacancies were opened last week, after the departure of ministers Sérgio Banhos, who stayed in office for four years and cannot continue in office for having completed the maximum period of two biennia allowed, and Carlos Horbach, who could be reappointed for two more years, but chose not to appear among the names competing for permanence.