SP court prohibits Marcius Melhem from mentioning Dani Calabresa’s name

SP court prohibits Marcius Melhem from mentioning Dani Calabresa’s name

By order of the São Paulo Court, the actor, comedian and TV director, Marcius Melhem, is prohibited from publicly mentioning the names of comedian Dani Calabresa and actresses Carol Torres, Veronica Debom and Renata Ricci, as well as lawyer Mayra Cotta. Melhem is also prohibited from mentioning women’s nicknames, as well as stage names or “other codes of reference” that refer to women.

The court’s decision came within the scope of the action investigating the comedian for alleged psychological violence against victims of sexual harassment, which was allegedly carried out by Melhem against co-workers at TV Globo.

The comedian cannot even mention the content of the processes or investigation that is being targeted under penalty of a fine of R$50,000.

The decision of the São Paulo Court against the comedian, published by Newspaper this Saturday (10), was taken months after Melhem opened a channel on Youtube to present evidence that cast doubt on the version presented against him by Calabresa and the other women.

Now Melhem is prevented from publicly mentioning “by himself or through third parties” any type of message, audio, video, e-mail, images or documents that refer to women “in lives, interviews, posts, videos, audios or any other means of publishing content on media or social networks”, says the decision.

The determination against Melhem recalls an initiative by the Public Ministry of São Paulo (MP-SP) which requested the opening of an investigation against journalist Ricardo Feltrin for possible “crimes of misogyny”. Feltrin came into the sights of the MP-SP after he began covering the case in which Melhem was accused of sexual harassment and pointing out inconsistencies in the women’s accusations.

The journalist also accused the women in the group of using the public sector in their favor. According to him, the accusers’ lawyer had close relations with the Workers’ Party (PT). Some of those involved were even received by First Lady Janja da Silva, Women’s Minister Cida Gonçalves and PT President Gleisi Hoffmann.

The case with accusations of sexual harassment against Melhem was opened in 2020 and was later suspended without concluding whether the comedian was really guilty.

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