Social movements publish letter of support for Venezuela – 04/03/2024 – Panel

Social movements publish letter of support for Venezuela – 04/03/2024 – Panel


After criticism from the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) for blocking the opposition’s candidacy in Venezuela, Brazilian social movements prepared a letter in solidarity with the population of the neighboring country.

The document is signed by MST (Movement of Landless Rural Workers), CMP (Central of Popular Movements), Contraf (National Confederation of Workers in Family Farming in Brazil), CTB (Central of Workers in Brazil), LPJ (Levante Popular da Juventude), PCdo B, among others, including PT parliamentarians such as Nilto Tatto, Rosa Amorim and Valmir Assunção.

The letter states that the people of Venezuela have been the target of an endless war promoted by the United States government and its oil interests since Hugo Chávez’s first election in 1998, and argues that the country has a democratic electoral system.

The text also states that there is a “slanderous campaign” articulated by North American economic interests and the “bourgeois press” to “attack the Venezuelan electoral process and discredit the results.”

At the end of March, Itamaraty released a note in which it said it was following “with expectation and concern the development of the electoral process” in Venezuela, in reference to the impediment of Corina Yoris’ registration as a presidential candidate for the July elections. Lula endorsed the criticism and called the blockade “serious”.

In their document, the social movements say that Yoris was appointed at the last minute as a “propaganda move” by Maria Corina, who won the opposition primaries in 2023, but was disqualified from holding public office for 15 years by the regime.

For these movements, Yoris was legitimately barred by the Venezuelan government for “not complying with electoral standards”, given that, according to them, she was not registered with a political party.

“The popular movements and the Brazilian left are in solidarity with the Venezuelan people and denounce the actions of the American government and its tentacles, inserted in the hybrid war plans, in progress for so many years”, states the letter.

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