“TRE is VAR”, says judge

“TRE is VAR”, says judge


The electoral judge José Rodrigo Sadesecond to vote in the case of the senator Sergio Moro at the Regional Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR), began his vote by comparing the case to a football game. According to him, what the Electoral Court is doing “is a kind of VAR of the elections”.

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The investigated candidate ran his campaign and won. He and his fans celebrated. But VAR was called. We are now, here, evaluating whether this goal was valid.

José Rodrigo Sade, TRE-PR judge

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Actions for abuse of economic power

Moro responds to two Judicial Electoral Investigation Actions (Aijes)driven by Brazilian Federation of Hope (which brings together PT, PCdoB and PV) and at least PL. The processes were unified by TRE-PR because both claim that the senator committed abuse of economic power during the 2022 elections.

The parties’ argument is that Moro obtained advantages over other competitors because, before running for the Senate, he was a pre-candidate for president. Like this, would have enjoyed higher values ​​than allowed during the pre-campaign period.

Moro’s lawyers argue that there is no limit clearly defined in the legislation for pre-campaign spending. They also claim that the evidence is “fragile”. “What is the value of abuse? How much did Senator Moro benefit from, illegally, to be elected in Paraná? To this day there is no answer,” said one of Moro’s lawyers, Gustavo Guedeson Monday.

The case rapporteur, judge Luciano Carrasco Falavinha Souza, voted against Moro’s impeachment. In his vote, Falavinha Souza stated that the parties “simply added up all the expenses [do período de pré-campanha]without discrimination, and based on the result they concluded that there was an electoral offense”.

After Sade, five ministers still need to speak out: Claudia Cristina Cristofani, Anderson Fogaça, Guilherme Denz, Julio Jacob Junior It is Sigurd Roberto Bengtssonwho is the president of TRE-PR.


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