Senator Lucas Barreto returns to defend oil exploration in Amapá – News of Brazil

Senator Lucas Barreto returns to defend oil exploration in Amapá – News of Brazil


In a speech in the Plenary, this Wednesday (20), Senator Lucas Barreto (PSD-AP) once again defended the exploration of the oil potential of the state of Amapá, especially given the advances in French Guiana, which already operates on the so-called Equatorial Margin , located between the coast of Rio Grande do Norte and the coast of Amapá. The area has been called the new Brazilian pre-salt.

For the senator, the strategic exploration of the resource means economic development for the state and for Brazil:

— We cannot allow external forces to interfere with our right to explore the geological potential of this region […]. French Guiana, which has already surpassed the mark of 62 deep wells drilled on the Equatorial Margin of the Guianas Plateau, could, in another two years, surpass the mark of more than 1.2 million barrels of oil produced per day.


The parliamentarian reiterated his defense for the continuity of the process of transposing civil servants from the former territories into the Union framework. According to him, despite the insistence on the matter, there is still no response from the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services.

— With R$485 million destined for transposition, only in the year 2023, which have not yet informed us where they ended up, they preferred to slice up an ordinance and postpone the rights of those who worked back there, in the construction of our state of Amapá […]. We expect the publication of all of them in the next ordinance, scheduled for next Tuesday, March 26th — he emphasized.

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