Roberto Cidade awards the Ruy Araújo Medal to Tjam judge, Onilza Abreu

Roberto Cidade awards the Ruy Araújo Medal to Tjam judge, Onilza Abreu



Judge has dedicated herself to public service in Amazonas for 40 years

Manaus (AM) — The judge of the Court of Justice of Amazonas (TJAM), Onilza Abreu Gerth, was honored this Friday (22), by the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (Aleam), with the Ruy Araújo Medal. Authored by state deputy Roberto Cidade (UB), the honor, the highest in the State Legislature, was granted in recognition of the trajectory of the judge who, for 40 years, has dedicated herself to public service in Amazonas.

“I am very happy and honored to have the opportunity to present the Ruy Araújo Medal to a person, a woman, a mother who has contributed so much to the State of Amazonas. Judge Onilza is a calm, responsible person who truly deserves to receive this award. The Amazonas Legislative Assembly awards the honor during women’s month, ensuring even more symbolism to the tribute. Congratulations Judge Onilza. May God bless you with good health and allow you to continue to carry out your work so brilliantly at the Court of Justice of Amazonas”,

declared the deputy president.

The honoree spoke about the emotion of receiving the medal awarded by the State Legislative Assembly, thanked all the people who contributed to her professional career and spoke about the importance of fighting for equity in the most diverse social fields.

“I have been to this House several times participating in government events, honoring colleagues, but today is different. I am extremely excited to receive the Ruy Araújo Medal and I want to share this honor with everyone who is part of my story, with everyone who crossed my path. I have dedicated my life to public service for more than 40 years. I joined the public service at the age of 22, full of dreams and they continue, especially to achieve social justice”,

he stated.

The judge, who has served on the Amazonas bench for 35 years, also spoke of the joy and symbolism of receiving the Ruy Araújo Medal for Women’s Month.

“Receiving this honor this Women’s Month is a gift that I receive with great affection. We women have many challenges. We have had many achievements, it is true, but we are fully aware that we still have a long way to go. Even in the Judiciary. Today there are 11 ministers and only one woman. In prominent positions, in public positions and in politics we need to increase female participation. We are qualified, capable and salaries need to be equal to those of men. I continue and will continue fighting to reduce inequalities, serving as an example for future judges and telling them not to be discouraged, that we continue fighting and seeking our dreams and goals”,


The Ruy Araújo Medal was established to honor personalities who played prominent roles for their achievements and professional performance in favor of Amazonian society.

Members of the Court of Justice of Amazonas, the Court of Auditors of the State of Amazonas (TCE/AM), representatives of the Executive and the municipal Legislature, as well as state deputies, family and friends of the honoree participated in the ceremony.

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