Result of the 1st Prouni 2024 call is announced; check out

Result of the 1st Prouni 2024 call is announced;  check out


Program offers more than 406 thousand full and partial scholarships

The Ministry of Education (MEC) scheduled for this Tuesday (6) the publication of the list of pre-selected candidates in the first call of the University for All Program (Prouni), referring to the first semester of 2024. The selection process offers scholarships study for undergraduate courses at private higher education institutions.

The list will be available on the Single Portal for Access to Higher Education – Prouni. In total, the first edition of the program offered 406,428 scholarships, 308,977 full (100%) and 97,451 partial (50%), distributed across 15,482 courses from 1,028 participating institutions.

This is the edition of the program with the largest offer of scholarships, since the first, in 2005. The five states with the largest number of scholarships offered this time are São Paulo (104,893 places), Minas Gerais (39,910 places), Paraná (35,630 places ), Rio Grande do Sul (26,398 vacancies) and Bahia (22,051 vacancies).


The candidate pre-selected in the first call must submit the documentation to the higher education institution for which they were pre-selected between the 6th and 20th of February. To prove the information provided at the time of registration, the candidate can appear at the institution or send it via virtual/electronic means.

The MEC warns that it is the candidate’s sole responsibility to check, at the institution, the times and place of attendance to check the information. Missing the deadline or failing to prove the information will automatically result in the loss of the scholarship.

The institution must issue a document proving delivery of the documentation upon receipt from the pre-selected candidate.

Other deadlines

The selection process for the first semester of Prouni 2024 will have two calls. According to the schedule, the result of the second call will be known on February 27th.

According to the notice, the period for the candidate to express interest in participating in the waiting list for a place at ProUni, on the selection process website, will be on March 14th and 15th, 2024. The result of the waiting list for the first semester will be be released on March 18.

More information is available in the selection process notice, published by the MEC in January.


Created in 2004, the Universidade Para Todos Program offers scholarships (full and partial) for undergraduate and sequential specific training courses at private higher education institutions.

The program takes place twice a year and its target audience is students without a higher education degree. As criteria for selecting candidates, ProUni considers monthly gross family income, per person; if the candidate completed high school in a public school or as a full scholarship holder in a private high school institution, or is a person with a disability, among others provided for in the legislation.

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