Representatives of the rights of people with disabilities and the Government of Amapá debate assistance policies in the state – News of Brazil

Representatives of the rights of people with disabilities and the Government of Amapá debate assistance policies in the state – News of Brazil


Representatives of the Government of Amapá and the national and state councils for the rights of people with disabilities met this Wednesday, 20th, at the Palácio do Setentrião, to debate the expansion and development of public assistance and inclusion policies, which are integrated into the Plan of Government of state management.

The Cabinet Secretary of the Government of Amapá, Richard Madureira, emphasized the commitment to direct demands so that they are transformed into effective actions to improve the lives of individuals.

“The challenges are great, but we received these responsibilities as part of the State Government’s inclusion policy, we will work even harder to develop a state plan to direct and organize public policies aimed at people with disabilities”highlighted Madureira.

Antônio José Ferreira, director of Institutional Relations for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the Ministry of Human Rights and National Advisor for Persons with Disabilities, highlighted the need to establish a separate secretariat that includes and strengthens people with disabilities in society.

“We deal with several issues here, but, above all, the construction of a state plan and adherence to the National Plan for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, for the establishment of a management body for these specific policies”highlighted the counselor who also emphasized the relevance of transversality in the development of actions.

“You know that the policies that are developed by the Federal Government have to be implemented in the territories. And then the State and the municipalities are these federated entities that carry out this policy, where people with disabilities live so that they can be included in all these services”concluded.

The president of the State Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of Amapá (Condeap), Fábio Gonçalves also emphasized that the main demand is the preparation of a proposal to create the Secretariat of State.

“The creation of the secretariat is a demand not only from the Council, but from all organized civil society. The Council represents all segments which includes, among others, the physically disabled, the blind, the autistic, multiple disabilities, victims of scalping and fibromyalgia.”he detailed.

The meeting preceded the 4th State Conference on Persons with Disabilities which begins this Thursday, 21st. The Secretary of State for Social Assistance, Aline Gurgel recalled that Amapá is the second, among Brazilian states, to hold the State Conference this year.

“This represents progress, the Government of Amapá is making it possible to hold the Conference so that we can have a moment to deliberate public policies for people with disabilities, which is a management commitment, to make the state increasingly inclusive”stated the secretary.


Participant of the meeting was the deputy secretary of the State Department of Education (Seed), Antônia Andrade reinforced that the 2024 school calendar was planned and executed considering the priority that is the right of people with disabilities.

“For the first time in Amapá, priority enrollment was made for people with disabilities to fill vacancies in the state education network and we did work to combat ableism. We carried out a data survey of the number of people we have in the state with some type of disability, to guarantee the necessary vacancies”he stated.

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