Reporter offends Sampaoli in leaked audio from Globo broadcast

Reporter offends Sampaoli in leaked audio from Globo broadcast

Audios supposedly leaked during Globo’s broadcast of the match between Flamengo x São Paulo, this Sunday (17), in the first match of the final Brazil’s Cupwent viral on social media due to criticism – and even offense – from the reporter Eric Faria aimed at the Flamengo coach Jorge Sampaoli.

In an internal conversation between the broadcast team, which had the narrator Luis Roberto and the commentators Ricardinho It is Roger FloresEric Faria, who is a Flamengo fan, criticizes Rubro-Negro’s lineup during the break of the decision.

Eric Faria blasted Sampaoli in internal audio of the Globo broadcast

“He [Sampaoli] He has trouble seeing the game, understanding what he has in his hand. This is unbelievable, man. That’s his cognitive problem, it just might be. He could make the same lineup he played against Botafogo 15 days ago, but he can’t repeat it”, says the reporter, who then adds.

“It must be some OCD of his. It just has to be. It’s not even superstition, because superstition is maintaining what’s right. I think it’s OCD. He shouldn’t repeat socks, underwear, anything, in life”, says Faria, who in another moment describes the Flamengo coach as an “imbecile”.

Luis Roberto resigned from Sampaoli

Before Eric Faria was placed, narrator Luis Roberto also criticized the Argentine coach in another audio. “Wednesday, what was that? He should have been fired on Wednesday”, he lamented.

Wednesday’s game was against Athletico, for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão, in Cariacica, Espírito Santo. On that occasion, the Rio team was defeated 3-0 and was booed by the fans.

Listen to alleged leaked audio from Globo

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