Report does not indicate Gabriela’s recent silicone rotation – 09/15/2023 – Sport

Report does not indicate Gabriela’s recent silicone rotation – 09/15/2023 – Sport

DJ and digital influencer Gabriela Cavallin, 22, who accuses player Antony, 23, of domestic violence, told the São Paulo police that, in one of the episodes of aggression, she suffered a blow to the chest that caused the silicone prosthesis to dislodge. Therefore, she would have been forced to undergo breast corrective surgery with a doctor in the interior of the state.

According to a police report obtained by Sheet, which is part of the investigation, however, there is no record of recent rotation of the prosthesis in Gabriela’s medical records. The only information about this problem is from May 2020, a time when she had not yet met the attacker.

At the time, there was a diagnosis of the need for corrective surgery, but, according to the document and the influencer’s defense, she preferred not to undergo it.

The recent problem that took Gabriela to the doctor in March 2023, according to the medical record, would be the “complaint of sagging breasts” and the “desire for better abdominal definition”. The reason for the sagging breast, according to the doctor, would be “heavy prosthesis”.

As a result, the expert concluded in the document, through indirect examination, that, due to a time lapse between the recording of a rotation of the prosthesis in May 2020 and sagging breasts in March 2023, “it is not possible to ascertain the cause of the displacement of the prosthesis”.

Therefore, the police report indicates that it is not possible to confirm that there was an attack on the woman’s physical integrity.

According to the medical record signed by plastic surgeon Denis Colnago, from Presidente Prudente (SP), Gabriela was in his office on May 11, 2020. At the time, according to him, the patient had rotation of the prosthesis on the left side after falling while bathing.

Still according to the document, the need for surgery was indicated, because the problem had not been manually corrected by him.

Lawyer Daniel Bialski, who represents Gabriela, stated in a note that, after the 2020 injury, no surgical procedure was necessary and that the problem was corrected in another doctor’s office.

According to the lawyer, after seeing the surgeon Colnago, she went to the doctor Eduardo Perseu de Paiva’s office, who corrected the problem in the office, without anesthesia, manually, rotating the prosthesis back to the correct place. “For this reason, there was no surgical intervention at the time,” she says.

This record, however, is not included in the police investigation.

The report contacted the clinic of surgeon Perseu de Pava, who confirmed that Gabriela was at the office on May 12, 2020, complaining about the prosthesis being turned over, and that the issue was resolved within the office.

Also according to Bialski, during her visit to the doctor Colnago in 2023, Gabriela did not report the attacks suffered by her boyfriend because she was still in a relationship with him.

“Therefore, [ela] I was afraid to expose the real reason that caused the injury. The severity, however, was confirmed during the surgery”, informed the press office.

In the police investigation, it appears that the São Paulo Civil Police asked Gabriela’s plastic surgeon to forward the messages exchanged between him and the patient. Colnago responded to the police officers that he would not forward the conversations, following the patient’s request.

The alleged aggression mentioned by Gabriela, which according to her caused the rotation of her breast implants, would have occurred on January 15, 2023.

Also according to the medical record attached to the investigation, the DJ had a pre-operative consultation on April 5, 2023 and, on the same day, performed the procedure “without complications”. The patient had an indication for mastopexy, but did not want scars.

On April 26 and May 16, she had two post-operative consultations, described as “without complications and without relevant information about the facts”.

Antony denies domestic violence

Antony and Gabriela met in 2021, in São Paulo, when he was a player for Ajax, from the Netherlands, and was married to another woman. She claims that she moved to Amsterdam and, in March 2022, became pregnant by him. According to the DJ, the first physical attack occurred when she was pregnant, on vacation in Brazil, on June 1, 2022, after the two had left a nightclub in Vila Olímpia.

In the survey, obtained by Sheet, she claims that the attacks continued. The young woman narrates an episode of aggression in January this year, in Manchester, England. The fight would have been motivated by a bout of jealousy on Antony’s part, who was questioning her about old relationships. It was during this fight that she allegedly received a punch that rotated the silicone in her breasts.

That day, the DJ received care from an English doctor named Hina Tehseen in her room at the Hyatt hotel in Manchester. The conversation with the professional on the same day — she took medication to the influencer’s room — is one of the pieces of evidence attached to the police investigation.

Among the exchanges of messages presented by Gabriela’s representatives, there is a conversation between her and Antony in January of this year. In it, the attacker asks what the doctor said and the DJ responds that pain medication was prescribed.

“[A médica] He said it’s better to operate and change the prosthesis, as it’s the third time it’s hurt like this and it could burst at any moment. It’s already showing that it can explode. Creating bubbles”, says the DJ in the message.

In an interview with SBT, Antony denied the accusation and stated that she had already rotated the prosthesis three years earlier. “Since 2020, before I met her, she already had a silicone business to trade,” said the player.

In the interview, he admitted that the couple’s relationship was troubled and that fights were constant, but denied domestic violence.

The investigation continues under judicial secrecy, and investigations into the case are still ongoing. The deadline for completing the investigation is the beginning of November.

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