Registration for the 2024 Arenas Cup begins on Monday, 25th – News of Brazil

Registration for the 2024 Arenas Cup begins on Monday, 25th – News of Brazil


On Monday, the 25th, the Government of Amapá opens registration for the 2024 Copa das Arenas, an amateur football sporting event that is already a tradition in Macapá. The expectation is to guarantee the participation of 36 under-20 teams in the tournament, 20 men’s teams and 16 women’s teams. Holding competitions is among the objectives established by the current administration’s Government Plan to strengthen the sport.

Interested teams must register online by March 29th. The action is coordinated by the Secretary of State for Sports and Leisure (Sedel), with the aim of promoting the development of the sport and providing the search for new talents. The Copa das Arenas is an event awaited by players from all neighborhoods in Macapá.

“Competition also plays a key role in strengthening the sporting community and promoting gender equality in sport”details the Sport and Leisure coordinator at Sedel, Felipe Guerreiro.

This season, the men’s competition will be divided into four groups, each with five teams, classifying the best four in each group for the next phase. In the women’s competition, the teams will be divided into four groups with four teams each, with the best two from each group qualifying for the new stage.

The competition is scheduled to start on April 6th, at the Chico Noé arena, located in the Laguinho neighborhood. For more information or questions, teams can contact the Sedel Sports and Leisure Coordination at (96) 98127-2980.


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