Recruitment and strategic selection: challenges to hire well

Recruitment and strategic selection: challenges to hire well

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Singulari R&S aims to find talent in the market and connect them to growing companies

Manaus (AM) – A recruitment and selection process involves several factors, hiring well has always been a challenge and, when it comes to strategic positions, the evaluation is careful about the technical skills and behavioral skills of each professional. In Manaus, with 11 years in the market, Singulari operates only in strategic positions.

Mayana Ladislau, recruitment and selection consultant, points out that, in addition to psychological analysis, to assess intelligence, attention and personality, a behavioral interview focused on skills and cultural fit is essential to align expectations of professionals and contracting companies. According to her, the company has a recruitment system that allows it to increase the talent base and have a range of professionals at the national level.

“Singulari R&S is one of our five pillars and aims to find talent in the market and connect them with growing companies. We understand the technical and behavioral potential of people as a link between talent and good business”,

says the consultant.

“We have developed a service where we play a key role in hiring professionals for management positions in different segments, such as commerce, services, industry and the third sector.”

Singulari works only in strategic positions Photo: Disclosure

One of the main reasons why companies seek this service, according to Mayana, is the difficulty in hiring professionals aligned with the organizational culture. Another relevant factor is the shortage of talent.

“In some sectors or specific areas, there may be a shortage of professionals with the necessary skills and experience to fulfill certain conditions. This makes the search for good professionals more challenging and competitive”,


“At Singulari, we understand that management positions have a significant impact on the implementation of the company’s strategy. By adopting a strategic approach, it is possible to seek professionals with skills and experiences defined to the specific objectives and challenges of the organization”.


The consultant points out that updated methodologies and tools are used, from the headhunter process to psychological assessment, combined with a team of specialists who have access to a large pool of professionals and in-depth knowledge of the job market.

“Hunting is a process of actively approaching professionals who are in the market, it works like a talent hunt. We mapped the best companies and sought to connect with professionals who are working in the area in question, ”he explains. “All this contributes to identifying candidates with specific skills, often difficult to find through conventional recruitment methods”,

he said.


The consulting firm, led by Luciana Nogueira Minev and Suelen Scop, has been a reference in Amazonas for 11 years. Singulari offers a range of people management services, focusing on strategic business management.

Among the highlights are the Leaders Program, Innovation Program, in addition to mentoring for the development of people and organizations, organizational culture and digital transformation.

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