Judicial decision closes siege to the market for the sale of miles – 05/25/2023 – Panel SA

Judicial decision closes siege to the market for the sale of miles – 05/25/2023 – Panel SA

The market for buying and selling miles suffered yet another blow with a court decision favorable to Azul, which canceled a passenger’s loyalty program on suspicion of selling points.

About ten days ago, Latam also won a similar process.

Both cases represent a setback for companies and individuals who trade miles.

The lawsuit was filed by the passenger herself against Azul after having her account suspended for three months. She asked for compensation for moral and material damages totaling R$ 11,837.

In its defense, the company stated that the passenger was selling her points, having issued tickets on behalf of several people, which is prohibited by the mileage program contract and motivated the restriction.

In the decision, Judge Luiz Fernando Santana Moreira, from the Special Civil Court of Rio de Janeiro, understood that the rules of the programs establish that they can only be used for the benefit of account holders.

He argued that the contract, to which passengers voluntarily adhere, provides for restrictive measures in case of non-compliance with rules, which would justify blocking by airlines.

Via advisory, Azul informed that it notifies the participants of TudoAzul, its loyalty program, whenever it finds movements contrary to the program’s regulation.

“However, in case of recurrence, penalties provided for in the regulation may be applied, such as temporary suspension or even definitive blocking of the account”, said the company.

With Diego Felix

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