Re-elected, general public defender of Amapá, José Rodrigues, takes office – News of Brazil

Re-elected, general public defender of Amapá, José Rodrigues, takes office – News of Brazil


Re-elected on December 6th, the general public defender, José Rodrigues, continues to lead the management of the Public Defender’s Office of Amapá (DPE-AP) in the next biennium (2024-2026). The inauguration took place this Friday, the 22nd, an opportunity in which Eduardo dos Anjos was also reappointed as general inspector of the institution.

José Rodrigues He was the first career general public defender of the DPE-AP. In the first administration, the objective was ambitious: to make the Amapá Public Defender’s Office the best in the country. Evaluating the results, he believes he is on the right path.

Among the highlights that make him proud is the universal access to justice in the state. Being the first to comply with Constitutional Amendment No. 80/2014, which establishes that all districts have at least one public defender, Amapá achieved the goal and included its own headquarters, functional vehicle and qualified team, guaranteeing quality service and comfort for those assisted.

The result of the work is seen in the number of services, which in 2023 exceeded expectations, reaching more than 180 thousand people served in the state.

For Joseph, Positive results like this strengthen the image of the Public Defender’s Office of Amapá both for society, which begins to trust and seek the institution’s services, and for State authorities, opening doors and creating a path for dialogue.

This made it possible to increase the budget, which was reversed in structure. In addition to the headquarters and fleet of vehicles, there was a large investment in modernizing the DPE-AP technology park and enhancing human capital, hiring more members and employees and qualifying these professionals.

During his speech, Joseph spoke about the role of a public defender and their unwavering mission to serve others. Looking back on the last two years, the DPG took stock and celebrated the progress made, always highlighting that everything that was achieved was to guarantee the best service for those assisted.

“What really brings us here is the unwavering commitment to the neediest population, minorities and all vulnerable groups in the state of Amapá. Every day we reaffirm our determination to evolve and dedicate ourselves tirelessly to this cause. Before you, I reiterate the commitment of the Ombudsman of Amapá to never back down in the fight for rights”, spoke Joseph.

By your side, Eduardo dos Anjos He was reappointed as inspector general of the Public Defender’s Office of Amapá. In his first term, Eduardo also inaugurated the post, being the institution’s first career inspector. Throughout the first administration, his priority was the organization of DPE-AP through agile and effective procedures and methods.

The magistrate also designed and implemented the actuarial analysis, making it possible to see the institution through statistical data such as, for example, the number of initial petitions, assistance and actions by the Public Defender’s Office.

For Eduardo, the 2022-2024 biennium organized the house for a new way of working and in this new mandate the goal is to improve the methods implemented to continue advancing and strengthening the performance of the entire team of members and employees.

In his speech, the magistrate thanked everyone who was by his side on this journey and emphasized the importance of building together, with the entire team walking side by side to guarantee the rights of the most vulnerable.

“We will be fighting and working daily for the population of the state of Amapá. Everything we do only makes sense if the population is being well served at the end of the line. We only exist to serve the riverside population, the mother who wants to guarantee her child’s food, the homeless person, all those who are vulnerable and need the Public Defender’s Office so that their voice can be heard”finished Edward.

At the ceremony, members Igor Giusti It is Adegmar Loiola were sworn in as the new general public defenders of the DPE-AP, and Lauro Miyasato, as deputy inspector general.

About José Rodrigues

Born in Pimenteiras, Piauí, José is the son of country folk and grew up in rural areas. He studied Law at the Federal University of Piauí (UFPI), concluding in December 2011.

He spent five years practicing law until he decided to focus on the Public Defender competition, being sworn in on March 25, 2019 as public defender for the state of Amapá.

José was assigned to one of the most needy centers in the state, in Vitória do Jari. He then worked at the Santana Criminal Center, from September 2019 until July 2020, when he came to the Macapá Criminal Center, where he stayed until 2022, when he was sworn in as a general public defender.

Currently, the DPG is located at the Macapá Civil Center, but away from its duties.

About Eduardo dos Anjos

Born in Rio de Janeiro, son of Diva Pereira Almeida dos Anjos and Jessé Gabriel dos Anjos, Eduardo is married and has two children.

Bachelor of Law from Universidade Gama Filho (UGF), he has a postgraduate degree in Public Administration, Constitutional Law and Diffuse and Collective Rights, as well as Co-author of the books Public Defender, Democracy and Process Volume 2 and Public Defender and the 30 years of Federal Constitution, in addition to several legal articles in the Electronic Legal Magazine Conjur.

Eduardo spent 19 years in the Armed Forces and on August 13, 2019, he was sworn in as a public defender in Amapá. Initially, he was assigned to the Calçoene Center. He then worked at the Center for Expansion and Improvement of Legal Services for Municipalities. Afterwards, he was assigned to the Santana Criminal Center, where he served as Coordinator.

Currently in the role of general inspector, he is a member of the National Council of General Inspectors of the Public Defenders’ Offices of the States, the Federal District and the Union (CNCG), and is assigned to the Macapá Family Center, but away from his assignment.

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