Public hearing sees Conae hostage to the left and wants alternative PNE

Public hearing sees Conae hostage to the left and wants alternative PNE


The Legislative Assembly of Paraná (Alep) held, this Thursday (21), a public hearing to discuss the National Education Conference (Conae). The document approved at the end of the conference, in January, is the basis for the National Education Plan (PNE), which will be presented by the federal government to Congress.

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Proposed by state deputy Fabio Oliveira (Podemos), the public hearing “Conae: education or indoctrination?” brought together parliamentarians and education experts. The objective, according to Oliveira, is to organize a series of hearings and discussions across the country that could result in the elaboration of an alternative PNE to that of the government. “We will take the document to deputy Nikolas Ferreira (PL), president of the Chamber’s Education Committee,” he said.

In Curitiba, the hearing was marked by criticism of the Conae’s ideological bias. “It was not democratic at all, only the left was heard”, said state deputy Lucas Bove (PL), vice-president of the Education committee of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo. “The result was a document that was not very technical and highly ideological. What was proposed is the use of public money to indoctrinate teachers and students,” he said.

Army colonel Claudio Titericz, former program director of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Education, highlighted the fact that the final text approved by Conae was practically the same as the one presented for discussion at the beginning of the conference. “In other words, everything was written before, looking more like a ideological editorial than a serious proposal for education”, he criticized.

In a video participation, Jean-Marie Lambert, professor emeritus at PUC-Goiás, specialist in international law and political science, saw a risk of indoctrination in the Conae document. “There is a herculean effort to standardize thinking”, he stated.

The lack of space for divergences, with the imposition of a single thought, was also criticized by professor Alexandre José Monteiro, member of the Municipal Council for Drug Policy and the Municipal Education Council of Curitiba. “This conference should be a fully democratic environment for popular participation, in which the entire population feels represented. Unfortunately, it became the defense of a single segment, of a government project, without considering the greater interests of the population”, he said. “We are here to raise a voice against this domination,” he added.

Deputy Gilson de Souza (PL), who is part of the Alep Education committee, pointed out that the Conae document must be analyzed in depth. “To see what this content is like, if there is anything that goes against the family and the values ​​we defend. We understand that school needs to be an environment to train good citizens and good professionals. These family, religious and ideological indoctrination issues should not be in our National Education Plan.”

Conae participant, businessman Guilherme Kilter reported his experience. “I had a Hamas brooch, an MST flag,” he said. Kilter also counted the number of times the word “gender” was used in the final Conae document: “Sixty, while mathematics appears only four times and geography, three”.

State deputy Ricardo Arruda (PL) and Curitiba councilor Indiara Barbosa (Novo) also made statements. Former federal deputy Deltan Dallagnol (Novo) sent a video greeting to the participants.


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