Portuguese threat for sure in Itaquera – 02/10/2024 – Juca Kfouri

Portuguese threat for sure in Itaquera – 02/10/2024 – Juca Kfouri

The young and rare reader, as well as the young and rare reader, will be surprised, but Corinthians and Portuguesa made a lot of history by crossing their mustaches, more those of the Portuguese than those of the black and white.

This Sunday (11), in Itaquera, with humiliatingly dramatic airs because it will be at stake to stay or leave the relegation zone in the state championship — and not in the national one that the Canindé group stopped attending a long time ago, since 2013, in the nebulous “Case Heverton”, a mess with false tones that is never well explained.

It will be the 259th classic, with 143 Corinthians victories, 55 draws and 60 red-green triumphs.

There has been everything in the clash.

From thrashings by the Parque São Jorge team in the 1920s, still in amateurism, 10-1, 10-5 and 7-1, to 5-5 draws in 1955, or the 7-0 Lusitanian massacre at Pacaembu , in 1961 — when Corinthians received the nickname “Make Me Laugh”, a bolero that was a hit at the time in the voice of now octogenarian Edith Veiga.

The 5-5 made the 10 thousand fans crazy for the Rio-São Paulo Tournament.

Timão made it 1-0, took the lead from 3-1, turned it back to 5-3 and conceded the draw.

What will be in store for this Sunday only the stadium gods know.

The Portuguese decadence is such that it will only be the second time that the team will set foot on Itaquera’s lawn, with a single visit and a 2-0 defeat in 2015.

Lusa had moments of clear superiority over its rival, such as between June 1973 and April 1975, when it maintained seven consecutive unbeaten games, with four victories.

Or like between 1996 and 1998, undefeated in eight consecutive matches, with another four victories.

Once, at Parque São Jorge, they won 3-0 with three goals from center forward Mendes, a player who made headlines for his feat and disappeared into the dust of the east zone of São Paulo in 1962.

Indirectly, relations between the two clubs almost imploded the old Clube dos 13, because Vicente Matheus, when signing the contract that would found it, surprised the other 12 presidents. “If this is good for São Paulo, it cannot be good for Corinthians,” he said when refusing to sign.

He was hurt by the tricolor, which had gone through the negotiation of an unknown Portuguese player, Renatinho, to Corinthians, but, in truth, he wanted a sponsor other than Coca-Cola, which would support the 1987 Copa União, the real c that season. .

Given the impasse, and in order not to undermine the revolutionary initiative, the other participants accepted Kalunga in the Corinthians shirt, as they had already accepted Lubrax in Flamengo’s, with the result that the soft drinks multinational was left without its brand in the two most popular clubs in the country. .

Finally, Corinthians and Portuguesa make the hearts of the old guard beat with nostalgia and will write a new page in their trajectories for young people eager for strong emotions.

It’s a shame that one is mired in monstrous debts, under inept and obscure management, and the other is in a permanent and inglorious fight for survival.

On the field, the hosts’ favoritism is obvious, but a sixth defeat in a row will bring unmanageable repercussions for those who have difficulty speaking the truth amid all the lies they tell.

In short: another black and white failure and “Make Me Laugh” will become “Déjà-Vu”.

Do you know? With Luan and Ana Castela. Great success.

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