New PF operation is a result of the action carried out in February that found workers in a situation analogous to slavery.| Photo: Federal Police/disclosure

The Federal Police of Caxias do Sul (RS) carried out this Friday (17) another operation to combat work analogous to slavery in Serra Gaúcha, a development of the action carried out in February that found 207 people in this situation, who worked in the harvest of the crop. of grape.

Seven search and seizure warrants are executed in the cities of Bento Gonçalves and Garibaldi within Operation Descaro. According to the investigations, the operation aims to “collect new evidence to clarify the facts that occurred on February 22”.

One of the warrants, says the PF, is accompanied by the Internal Affairs of the Military Brigade. So far, six people involved have been identified, who are the targets of the judicial measures carried out this Friday (17) and, possibly, “are part of a criminal organization dedicated to the crime of submission to slave labor”.

Images released by the corporation point to the seizure of at least nine weapons and dozens of ammunition in one of the target locations of the searches.

Investigations point out that workers were recruited in other states, mainly in Bahia, by a company providing administrative support services. Reports indicate that the rescued victims were not receiving wages, contracted debts with abusive interest rates and had their freedom of movement restricted, in addition to suffering physical aggression.