Ministry says he paid for the trip, but did not invite the drug dealer

Ministry says he paid for the trip, but did not invite the drug dealer

Luciane Barbosa (4th from left to right) next to Elias Vaz, Secretary of Legislative Affairs at the Ministry of Justice, on March 19.| Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram

The Ministry of Human Rights stated through a publication on , held between the 6th and 7th of this month in Brasília. But the ministry said it did not invite the wife of a leader of the Comando Vermelho do Amazonas and attributed responsibility to a state committee.

Luciene is married to Clemilson dos Santos Farias, known as Tio Patinhas, leader of Comando Vermelho in the region. He was number one on the Amazonas government’s wanted list until he was arrested in December last year. She and her husband were convicted in the second instance of money laundering, trafficking association and criminal organization, but Luciene is still free.

The “drug lady” published a video on social media saying that she traveled at the expense of the Ministry of Human Rights because she was nominated for a place on the Amazonas state committee, which is part of the National System for the Prevention and Combat of Torture. She regretted that with the controversy she could be prevented from taking office.

The Ministry of Human Rights, led by Silvio Almeida, said that the nomination of event participants was the exclusive responsibility of state committees, which have administrative and budgetary autonomy.

“Neither the minister, nor the secretary, nor anyone from the Minister’s Office had contact with the nominee or even interfered in the organization of the event, which was attended by more than 70 people from Brazil and which allowed state committees the free nomination of their representatives” , stated the folder on Twitter.

Minister Silvio Almeida used his personal profile on the social network to classify the complaint against the ministry as defamation.

“There is also behind this the widespread attempt, on the part of right-wing extremists, to constantly manufacture scandals and undermine the reconstruction of human rights policy, as they only manage to offer the country chaos and destruction. At a time when the Brazil resumes its course, in a desperate way, certain figures try to link the government to organized crime”, wrote the minister.

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