Matteus wins Prova do Anjo and Beatriz is on the wall

Matteus wins Prova do Anjo and Beatriz is on the wall



Race winner is autoimmune, but will not immunize an ally

Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Eight participants from Big Brother Brasil 24 competed in the Angel Test this Friday (29). This time, the one who came out on top was Matteus, who got rid of Paredão and also won benefits such as a VIP lunch, a video with a message from family and friends and R$10,000. With the victory, the gaucho leaves leader Giovanna’s sights and Beatriz automatically goes to Paredão.

To win, Matteus demonstrated that he had better aim than his opponents. Each player needed to stay in an area with three lanes. The brothers had to throw the balls to remove dirt icons from the lanes. Whoever removed all the elements first, won the stage.

It is the fourth time that the resident of Alegrete, in Rio Grande do Sul, has won the Prova do Anjo at BBB 24.

Alane and Matteus were the best in the first stages of the competition, but the resident of Alegrete was faster in the final stage and took the title and immunity.

As not everything is rosy, Matteus needed to punish two opponents and chose MC Bin Laden and Giovanna. The two will need to dress up as a mouse and a flutist. Each person punished loses 300 stakes.

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