Maringá Brewery wins competition as the best in the country – 03/20/2024 – Full Cup

Maringá Brewery wins competition as the best in the country – 03/20/2024 – Full Cup


The Olympic Games are still just over three months away, but the breweries’ medal table was already published at the beginning of March. For the first time, Sabores do Malte, from Maringá (PR), was chosen as the best brewery in the Brazilian Beer Competition, held in Blumenau.

In total, the brewery won 21 medals, seven gold, eight silver and six bronze. In second place was Brewine Leopoldina, from Garibaldi (RS), with six gold, eight silver and two bronze.

“We have done tireless work to reach this moment. Making beer is an art and, year after year, we are improving this art. The result of all this is happy customers and us brewers proud of the well-executed beers”, celebrates Leandro Almeida, partner at Malt Flavors.

With the result, Sabores do Malte repeats the local success of Cathedral, also from Maringá, which won the event four times, the last time in 2021.

Among the labels that won the gold medal are styles such as the Indian pale lager Alvorada Voraz, the dry stout Luar do Sertão and the Indian pale ale New Sensation (with New Zealand hops).

Marcos Schiavoni, Almeida’s partner and runner-up in the new category that rewarded brewmasters, also celebrated. “[O resultado] It is the result of our dedication and passion for beer. It took years of a lot of study to get to where we are,” he celebrates.

Carlos Mioranza, from Alem Bier (RS), was chosen as the best brewmaster, as his labels obtained the best average rating.

Before the unprecedented title in 2024, Sabores had already been regularly among the most medal-winning companies. It was the best brewpub of 2021, third best brewery in 2022 and fifth place last year.

To try Sabores do Malte, you will need to go to Maringá. The beer can be found in the taproom inside Super Muffato or in a beer garden opened in 2019, inside Mercadão de Maringá, with 36 taps.

In third place in the Blumenau competition was Big Jack from Santa Catarina, leaving behind Alem Bier from Rio Grande do Sul — winner of the two previous competitions. Opa Bier, from Joinville (SC), closed the top 5, made up only of breweries from the south.

Best label

In addition to second place among breweries, Leopoldina won the Best of Show award, given to the best label at the event. The title came with the Italian Grape Ale Sauvignon Blanc, which won 99 points out of a possible hundred.

The second best beer in the Best of Show was a Catharina sour with blueberry and passion fruit from Santa Catarina’s Cerveja Cherokee, from Jaraguá do Sul. Completing the podium was the witbier from Golden Mist, from Cambé, near Londrina.

In total, the Brazilian Beer Competition received 4,147 samples from 567 breweries, representing 21 states. The CBC distributed 408 medals, 127 of them gold.

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