Lula sanctions creation of program to reduce INSS queue and readjustment of DF police officers

Lula sanctions creation of program to reduce INSS queue and readjustment of DF police officers

Lula sanctioned the salary adjustment for DF police officers with vetoes on sections that provided, for example, for an increase in housing allowance.| Photo: EFE/Andre Borges.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) sanctioned the law, which, among other provisions, creates the Social Security Queue Combating Program (PEFPS) and readjusts the salaries of police officers and firefighters in the Federal District. The program has been in force since July, when it was established through a Provisional Measure. According to the Ministry of Social Security, in August, the INSS queue had around 1.6 million people awaiting analysis of requests for medical expertise and administrative pending issues.

The new legislation was published on Tuesday night (14) in an extra edition of the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU). The rule establishes the resumption of the productivity bonus for INSS employees who work beyond their regular working hours; authorizes the use of telemedicine to carry out medical examinations; and authorizes, on an exceptional basis, the acceptance of medical and dental certificates pending evaluation, for the purposes of granting leave “for treatment of one’s own health or leave due to illness in a family member, without the need for official expertise”.

INSS administrative employees will receive a bonus of R$68 per task; and medical experts, R$ 75 per examination. PEFPS will prioritize administrative processes whose analysis has exceeded 45 days or which have expired judicial deadline. The new rule also amends Law No. 8,745, of December 9, 1993, which deals with hiring at the National Foundation of Indigenous Peoples (Funai). Public competitions for local government must now reserve 10% to 30% of vacancies for the indigenous population.

Readjustment to DF police officers and firefighters with vetoes

The project sanctioned by Lula also provides for an 18% increase in the salaries of security forces in the Federal District. The request came from the DF bench in Congress. The increase will be paid in two installments of 9%, the first was paid in July with the publication of the MP and the second is scheduled for January of next year. The remuneration is paid for by the Constitutional Fund of the Federal District (FCDF), with resources from the Union.

Despite granting the adjustment, the president vetoed: the adjustment of housing allowance for DF security forces; the assignment of these professionals to commissioned or trust positions in the Legislative Branch; the proposal included by Congress to create compensation for the category for mental exhaustion due to the exercise of the position; and the provision that authorized the payment of leave for police officers elected to preside over unions.

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