Lexa’s mother comes to her daughter’s defense after ex-mother-in-law accuses artist of betrayal

Lexa’s mother comes to her daughter’s defense after ex-mother-in-law accuses artist of betrayal


Guimê’s mother accuses Lexa of cheating on funk singer two years ago

Darlin Ferrattry, 44, came to the defense of her daughter Lexa, 28, after MC Guimê’s mother, Mariah Cristina, stated that she had been cheating on the funk singer for two years.

In contact with a columnist from Splash, the drum queen of Império Serrano questioned Lexa’s ex-mother-in-law why she was attacking the singer and advised her to take care of the funk player after the end of their marriage.

This lady should stop attacking my daughter. Isn’t everything Lexa has been through enough? She should go and take care of her son, just like I am taking care of my daughter. It’s a shame so many slanders.

Darlin Ferrattry

Lexa’s mother also reinforced that her daughter is focused on moving on with her life without looking at the past.

“We just want to go on with our lives in peace. Lexa is so happy and vibrant with her new life. This lady’s duty was to take care of her own son,”


Darlin’s demonstration occurs in response to an alleged message that Mariah Cristina, MC Guimê’s mother, sent to journalist Léo Dias. On Fofocalizando (SBT), he read a text in which Mariah accuses Lexa of having cheated on Guimê for two years.

The break up

Lexa and Guimê announced the end of their marriage last Thursday (21). In a statement, the singer stated that she and her ex “tried, but decided to follow different paths”.

Guimê also spoke out saying that he has no intention of talking about the separation. “I just respectfully ask that you stop the speculation,” he said.

Lexa and Guimê met in 2015 during the program “Encontro” (Globo) and got married three years later. In 2022, they announced the end of the relationship, but returned a few days before the funk singer was announced on BBB 23 (Globo).

Guimê ended up expelled from the Globo reality show due to sexual harassment against guest participant Dania Méndez. The episode caused a temporary separation for the couple, who got back together two months after the end of the program.

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