In Lima, dynamism almost dies the day before – 09/13/2023 – Juca Kfouri

In Lima, dynamism almost dies the day before – 09/13/2023 – Juca Kfouri

From Pará to Peru, dinizism ran the risk of hastening ancelottism.

The 5-1 defeat of the fragile Bolivian team in Belém created exaggerated expectations about how the performance in Lima would be, against a better team than the Bolivian team, although also weak. Weak and who plays with ten, because the endless Paolo Guerrero just enters the field and tries to play, but doesn’t play.

As the Brazilian midfielders failed to play as they missed a lot of passes, including Neymar, under the complacent gaze of Fernando Diniz, who had Raphael Veiga on the bench and left him in savings.

When comparing what the Argentines and Brazilians did in the first two games of the qualifiers, the superiority of the brothers becomes clear.

They beat the good Ecuador team at home, 1-0, with a delightful free kick from Lionel Messi, and toured the heights of La Paz, scoring 3-0 in Bolivia, and without the best player in the world.

It is true that the altitude had, as compensation, the expulsion, in the first half, of a Bolivian.
That’s okay: the Argentines are the current world champions, with the same team and the same coach for years.

It’s difficult to think of the Brazilian team playing by ear like Fluminense does, almost automatically.

Because the CBF coach, except on the eve of the World Cup, will never have enough time to train his players, even though they are better than those of the Tricolor das Laranjeiras and, theoretically, capable of absorbing the desired style more quickly.

The next game, against Venezuela, in Cuiabá, on October 12th, should also not pose any greater difficulties, unlike the next one, against Uruguay, in Montevideo, five days later.

But Diniz needs to accept one criticism: nothing justifies taking so long to change the team in Lima, seeing so many passing mistakes and with Raphael Veiga on the bench.

How incomprehensible the absence of Vitor Roque from the main team is, in addition to that of Bruno Henrique.

The famous photo of English captain Bobby Moore as he left the lawn of the Jalisco stadium in Guadalajara, crestfallen after the 1-0 defeat to Brazil in the 1970 World Cup, wearing the team’s yellow shirt, exchanged with the King Skin.

King Pelé of Santos, who was the club “champion of technique and discipline” in his time.

Today Santos struggles not to fall among men and its board sets a terrible example among women.

Santos veteran Cristiane exchanged shirts with fellow Corinthians veteran Grazi, friends for 20 years, both at the end of their careers, at the end of the semi-final game of the Brazilian Championship.

And each one went to the locker room with the rival’s mantle on their body.

Grazi received praise in Parque São Jorge.

Cristiane was fined in Vila Belmiro.

Furthermore: he had to apologize in the face of protests from fans on his networks, in addition to being robbed of 20% of his salary, because the Santos management bowed down to the troglodytes.

To say that anyone who bows down to troglodytes is also a troglodyte would be an exaggeration.

Coward is a better definition, as well as a miseducator when it comes to sportsmanship.


Two Brazilian giants would be 102 years old on this date — and they deserved it, with health and quality of life: Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns, eternal cardinal of São Paulo, and Zizinho, King Pelé’s idol.

There’s also my André, 50! A pride.

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