Lecture encouraging “gays, bi and dykes” is held at a school in MT

Lecture encouraging “gays, bi and dykes” is held at a school in MT

“The straight women, the gay women, the bi women and the dykes are ‘all organized’ to make a revolution!” This was the “war cry” sung this week during a lecture addressed to students at a state school in Mato Grosso (MT). The event with the theme “Respect for Diversity” was held last Monday (11) in the municipality of Juína and reported on social media by federal deputy Amalia Barros (PL-MT).

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In the video excerpt released by the parliamentarian, it is possible to see the encouragement for students — gathered in the gymnasium of the Dr. Artur Antunes Maciel State School — to follow the “scream” by standing and clapping. “Now very strong!”, encourages the speaker, repeating the phrase mentioned at the opening of this article several times.

After the repercussion on social media, the school issued a clarification note informing that the event was held in the morning after a request from the school’s Student Union. So, “it was approved taking into consideration both the theme and student protagonism”, he explained.

According to the educational institution, the meeting included a series of lectures on “cross-cutting themes” such as autism, mental health, bullying and others, and the speaker was guided “within educational principles in order to inform and never practice activism” .

Deputy classifies the situation as “absurd” and Seduc-MT responds

On her social networks, federal deputy Amalia Barros (PL-MT) classified the situation as “absurd”, mainly because the school tried to transfer responsibility to the Student Union. “You are responsible for everything that happens inside the school!”, stated Amalia in her publication.

“Students should go to school to study, not to participate in lectures that promote gender ideology”, he continued, stating that he requested clarification from the government of the state of Mato Grosso and that the State Department of Education of Mato Grosso (Seduc-MT ) he responded.

They said they “initiated an investigation into the case and that the school principal was removed. I congratulate the state government for its position”, concluded the deputy.

Gazeta do Povo contacted Seduc-MT and received the following note:

Regarding the situation that occurred at the Dr. Artur Antunes Maciel State School, in the city of Juína, during a lecture whose theme was gender identity, SEDUC clarifies that:

  1. The Regional Education Board has already initiated a procedure to investigate the case;
  2. The director who held the role on an interim basis has already been removed and a new professional will be appointed;
  3. Seduc reaffirms its commitment to offering a school environment that excels in the quality of teaching, that can be attractive, democratic and that respects differences.

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