North Student Fair 2023 will feature 110 lectures on professions and the job market

North Student Fair 2023 will feature 110 lectures on professions and the job market

Manaus (AM) – One hundred and ten lectures and 50 special chats to help with career choice, addressing job market trends, as well as vocational tests, mock entrance exams and other free activities will be offered from Wednesday (20) to Saturday, September 23rd, at the 11th edition of the North Student Fair (FNE). To participate, simply register on the website:

Considered the largest fair aimed at students and professional careers in the North Region, the 2023 edition has the theme “Expanding Educational Horizons” and will be held at the Manaus Plaza Shopping Convention Center, located on Avenida Djalma Batista, Chapada neighborhood – Central-South Zone from Manaus.

From Wednesday (20) to Friday (23), the event will be held from 9am to 10pm. On Saturday (23), the program starts at 9am and ends at 4pm. Elementary, secondary and higher education students can participate, as well as people looking for a career transition or relocation into the job market.

“We will have several guests to talk about the topics that students want to hear about: innovation in the workplace, new professions, professional training, exchange, entrepreneurship, networking and many others. There are four days of the event, with free entry, issuance of a certificate of additional hours for the lectures attended and ample hours so that you, the student, don’t miss it. We look forward to welcoming you,”

invites the event organizer and responsible for IAI Promotions, Inês Daou.

1st day lectures

For the first day, on Wednesday (20), there will be 36 activities, from 9:15 am to 7 pm, in four rooms with the themes: Nelson Mandela (Humanities), Leonardo Da Vinci (Health and Wellbeing), Mary Jackson (Technology and Information ) and Niké (Current Affairs).

In the Nelson Mandela room, lectures will take place: “ENEM: the rules of the game”; “Navigating the waves of the Future Market: the role of Social Sciences”; “The power of words and images: becoming a comic book writer”; “Aula Show: culinary adventures in the Amazon”; “Design your path: an introduction to the architectural profession”; “Journalism: presentation and journalism with Luana Borba”; and “Social Pacification: the challenge of the legal professional in the 21st century”. Furthermore, those interested in the area of ​​Law will be able to attend two mock juries, at 6pm and 7pm.

In the Leonardo Da Vinci room, the program will take place: “Modern Pharmacy: preparing students for an evolving market”; “Building an active future: careers in Physical Education”; “Pharmaceutical future in focus”; “Role of the veterinarian in public health”; “Training in Psychology: the path from science to profession”; “Nutrition: health and quality of life”; “Why Medicine?”; “Opportunities in the job market in the health sector” and “Heavy Metals: what are they and what are the risks?”.

The Mary Jackson room will host programming focused on technology and innovation with the following topics: “Engineering: what’s yours?”; “Web Content Production: strategies to stand out from the crowd”; “The importance of graphic media in the job market”; “Know your Metaverse and build your future”; “Pet Design: what is it?”; “The Roots: Amazonian instruments in virtual reality”; “Exploring the Third Sector and the importance of volunteering”; and “Building the Future: Sustainable Cities and the architecture of tomorrow”; and “Construction pathology and diagnostic engineering”.

In the Niké room, visitors will follow the lectures: “The 5 types of corporate entrepreneurship”; “From difficulty to overcoming: what to do to be successful?”; “Professional Guidance: how to be successful in your career”; “Emotional Intelligence: self-knowledge and life purpose”; “Emotions in action: developing emotional intelligence for young people”; “Beyond technical competence: the challenges of the professional of the future”; “Economics: Financial Education for young people”; “Entrepreneurship before college”; and “Professional Career: how to stay updated for the job market?”.

2nd day lectures

On the second day, Thursday (21), from 9:15 am to 7 pm, the public follows another 36 activities. In the Nelson Mandela room, the program includes the following themes: “Writing: Alpha Courses”; “Perspectives for the future of law”; “Innovation in the professional practice of Social Workers: the future that awaits students”; “Pedagogy in focus: new paths and perspectives for the teaching profession”; “Challenges and Opportunities in the Administration course”; “Interculturality, inclusion and diversity”; “Creative economy”; “Design and Creativity”; and “Investigative Journalism”.

In the Leonardo Da Vinci room, the public follows: “Biomedicine and scientific research”; “Entrepreneurship in Nursing”; “Getting to know Physiotherapy”; “Decisions that shape your future”; “Myths and truths about Veterinary Medicine”; “The job market for the Doctor profession”; “Career in Chemistry: exploring infinite possibilities”; “Psychology: choosing a profession”; and “Dentistry: possibilities and challenges”.

Meanwhile, in the Mary Jackson room, lectures will take place: “Engineering 4.0: artificial intelligence and its applications”; “The presence of Technology in professions”; “Modern industry in the context of Electrical Engineering: Industry 4.0”; “Artificial Intelligence X Human Intelligence: a dialogue about technology and the future”; “Profession: I’m an Accountant! Performance, challenges and possibilities in the 21st century”; “Judicial Expertise: an opportunity for Civil Engineering”; “Becoming a Startup: is creating one a dream or a nightmare?”; “Challenges and opportunities in Chemical Engineering: future perspectives”; and “Building Tomorrow Today: A Guide for Young People to Create Financial Stability.”

In the Niké room, lectures will take place: “You in a digital world”; “Are you an entrepreneur?”; “Innovation and Entrepreneurship: success stories”; “Lifelong Learning: the power of lifelong education”; “Professions of the Future”; “I finished high school, what now?”; “The study method that only 1% of students know”; “Mastery in Studies: a path full of challenges and opportunities”; and “The path to Success: personal and professional skills for young people in the market of the future”.

3rd day lectures

On the third day, Friday (22), from 9:15 am to 7 pm, FNE promotes 36 activities in the four rooms. In the Nelson Mandela room, the themes will be: “Sustainable Tourism and responsible hotel practices”; “Journalism in transformation: navigating the future of information”; “Social platforms and Digital Law”; “I want to be a Designer! And now?”; “Do you know Economics? What is it? What is it for?”; “Sports Journalism”; “Interior Design: creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces”; “Creativity as a stimulus for entrepreneurial education”; and “Awakening Potentials: English as a tool to seize opportunities”.

The Leonardo Da Vinci room will host lectures on the following topics: “Aesthetic Health: new professional niche”; “Knowing Opportunities: some important scientific lessons”; “Opportunities and Challenges of the Nutrition course”; “Emotional Intelligence for the beginning of your career”; “Digital health and beyond: shaping the medical profession in tomorrow’s marketplace”; “The Challenges and Opportunities of the Nursing profession”; “Professional Makeup in the Job Market”; and “Positive Psychology to build a happy and successful career”.

In the Mary Jackson room, the public follows: “Chat GPT: enhancing studies with Artificial Intelligence”; “Electrotechnics in action: from ideas to innovations”; “Cybersecurity”; “Letters, Codes and Content: from Amazonas to the largest Technology teaching ecosystem in Brazil”; “Solving real-world problems with Data Science and Software Engineering”; “The use of technology in the care of buildings: Diagnostic Engineering”; “Adventures in the Jungle: the role of the Biologist in cities”; “Electronic Games: The profession of the future”; and “How to use Technology to optimize your studies”.

Meanwhile, in the Niké room, the lectures will be: “Career and Skills of the Future”; “Open Innovation & Education: challenges and opportunities”; “Navigating the world of professions: discovering talents and opportunities”; “Super current topics for ENEM”; “Preparing for the future of education: The advantages of attending an EAD College”; “And the foundation, who builds it? Working with Computing Infrastructure”; “Strategic Communication and Personal Branding: how to use Marketing to strengthen your professional image”; “Young Entrepreneurship: transform your idea into something great”; and “Professional development and inclusion in the job market”.

4th day lectures

On the last day, Saturday (23), FNE promotes two lecture-shows with national experts. The first, at 9:15 am, will be with the theme “Journey of Possibilities”, presented by businesswoman, digital influencer and professor Patrícia Volponi. The objective is to help students who are confused in choosing a professional career and university education.

The second, at 10:30 am, will take place with “Practical Writing Techniques”, presented by Pamella Brandão, one of the biggest references in writing and Portuguese for entrance exams and competitions in Brazil. Better known as “Professor Pamba”, she will share study methods that will help with successful approval.

From 2pm to 4pm, there will be a series of simulations from the network of preparatory courses for the “Alpha” entrance exam. Students in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of high school can participate, with full scholarships.

Then, at 3pm, the Amazonian band Doral will perform a special show to close the 11th edition of FNE.

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