IRPF: how to refund even without being forced to declare? – 03/15/2023 – Market

IRPF: how to refund even without being forced to declare?  – 03/15/2023 – Market

Even without being required to declare the 2023 Income Tax, some taxpayers may have tax withheld at source and, if they submit the declaration to the Federal Revenue, they manage to refund everything they paid to the tax authorities last year.

Under the rules, workers who had taxable income between R$ 22,847.77 and R$ 28,559.70 in 2022 are not required to declare the IR. However, those who received amounts above R$ 22,847.76 in the year paid Income Tax in some month.

According to consultants, this occurs if the worker worked part time, earned overtime or had any payment subject to the incidence of tax, increasing income and forcing him to pay income tax. In general, as they are not obliged, these workers do not declare.

Whoever delivers the IR statement, however, refunds 100% of what he paid. The deadline to declare begins this Wednesday (15) and runs until May 31.

As they are not obliged to declare, taxpayers who are late will not pay the minimum fine of R$ 165.74 if they miss the submission deadline. The advantage of sending the IR now, however, is to receive the refund in one of the five 2023 payment batches

When can there be tax refunded?

  1. When receiving a higher amount due to vacation
  2. If you won a termination
  3. If you did a job that increased your salary in any month of the year
  4. If you worked for a short time in a company
  5. If you received a bonus from the company
  6. If you received overtime in any month of the year

How do I know if I have tax receivable?

It is necessary to request the income statement from the company. In it, the taxpayer must check, in the field “Tax withheld at source”, if there is any value. If so, there is a right to refund.

How to get the money back?

The first step is to download the IR program on your computer or the app for your tablet or cell phone. It is also possible to declare the IR through the e-CAC (Virtual Service Center). In this case, it is necessary to have a password of silver or gold level.

When filling in, the taxpayer must open the program and choose the type of declaration, which is the annual adjustment. When opening, you can click on “New” to make a new statement, or transfer last year’s IR data, if you are doing it on the same computer.

This year, it is also possible to make the pre-filled declaration.

Take two doubts

Who is obliged to declare?

Taxpayers who, in 2022:

  • Received taxable income above BRL 28,559.70, which includes salary, retirement and pension from the INSS or public bodies
  • Received exempt income, non-taxable or taxed exclusively at source (such as savings income or FGTS) above BRL 40,000

  • Had a capital gain (ie, profit) on the sale (transfer of ownership) of goods or rights subject to the levy of tax; This is the case, for example, of the sale of a car with a value greater than the amount paid for the purchase.

  • Was exempt from IR on capital gain on the sale of residential properties, followed by the acquisition of another residential property within 180 days

  • Carried out transactions on the Stock Exchange that, in total, exceed R$ 40,000 or obtained profit from the sale of shares, which are subject to the levy of tax

  • Had, on December 31, possession or ownership of goods and rights, including bare land, in excess of R$ 300,000

  • Obtained gross revenue in rural activity in an amount greater than R$ 142,798.50

  • Do you want to offset losses from rural activity in 2022 or previous years

  • He moved to Brazil in 2022 and was in that condition on December 31, 2022

Until when can you declare the Income Tax?

The deadline to declare the IR runs from March 15 to May 31. Completion and delivery of the declaration are done in the same program. The Federal Revenue’s computers receive the declarations almost 24 hours a day, with a break between 1h and 5h for system maintenance.

Delivery starts at 9 am on the first day of the deadline and runs until 23:59 on the last day. It is important to respect this final limit of accountability, because those who delay and were obliged to declare pay a fine. The minimum amount is BRL 165.74, but it can reach 20% of the tax due in the year

What is the minimum amount to declare the Income Tax?

The minimum amount of taxable income in the year is R$ 28,559.70. This includes salary, retirement and other income. Exempt, non-taxable income or income taxed exclusively at source in excess of R$40,000 also require you to declare. Examples are FGTS, savings and alimony.

Those who have assets worth more than R$300,000, when adding all of them, also need to declare, as well as those who carried out operations on the Stock Exchange above R$40,000 or made a profit from the sale of shares, which are subject to the levy of the tax. .


Calculation basis (in BRL) Rate (in %) Installment to be deducted (in BRL)
Up to 22,847.76
From 22,847.77 to 33,919.80 7.5 1,713.58
From 33,919.81 to 45,012.6 0 15 4,257.57
From 45,012.61 to 55,976.16 22.5 7,633.51
Above 55,976.16 27.5 10,432.32


Calculation basis (in BRL) Rate (in %) Installment to be deducted (in BRL)
Up to 1,903.98
From 1,903.99 to 2,826.65 7.5 142.80
From 2,826.66 to 3,751.05 15 354.80
From 3,751.06 to 4,664.68 22.5 636.13
Above 4,664.68 27.5 869.36

How to make the declaration?

The first step is to download the 2023 Income Tax program on your computer. From this Wednesday, it will be possible to complete and deliver on other platforms as well. The second step is to fill in all the necessary forms, such as taxpayer identification, income, assets and rights, in addition to payments made and debts, if any.

Afterwards, the taxpayer needs to check the data and make sure of the best type of declaration, whether it is for legal deductions or simplified discount. Filling errors lead to fine mesh.

Before starting, have all the necessary documentation in hand regarding income from wages, rents, financial investments, Stock Exchange, credit card, among others, as well as proof of deductions allowed in the statement, such as expenses with medical and education, for example, advises Valdir Amorim, legal and tax technical coordinator at IOB.

What documents are needed to declare the Income Tax?

The most important document is the income statement from paying sources, including the INSS retirement statement. Also have other documents in hand, such as medical receipts, proof of withdrawal from the FGTS (Senior Severance Indemnity Fund), if applicable, vehicle document, property documentation, rent receipts received, among others.

Who is entitled to the refund?

The Income Tax refund is the return of the amount of tax paid in excess by the taxpayer during the calendar year, which in this case is the year 2022. The calculations to find out if there is a tax refund, if the balance is zeroed, or if it is necessary to pay IR, they are done by the program for completing and sending the declaration.

The amounts are paid in batches. The date of receipt will depend on whether the taxpayer is a priority or not and when the declaration was submitted. The correction of values ​​is based on the basic interest rate of the economy, the Selic.

Income Tax refund payment schedule 2023

Batch Pay day
1st may 31st
2nd June 30
3rd July 31st
4th August, 31
5th September 29th

What to do to not fall into the fine mesh?

The taxpayer required to declare the Income Tax must be very careful when reporting income and expenses to the Federal Revenue Service. Any error can take you to the fine mesh, which causes the statement to be withheld, without the release of the refund, and there is still the possibility of being fined.

In order not to make a mistake, it is necessary to report all income received in the year, such as salary, odd jobs or rent, for example, including retirement and pension, if applicable. Also report the income of dependents. In addition, it is necessary to pay close attention even to the declared commas and zeros.

Another tip is to deduct only what is allowed by legislation in spending on health, education, private pension and official pension, among others.

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