IPVA 2024: calendar for the second installment is changed, see – 02/09/2024 – Market

IPVA 2024: calendar for the second installment is changed, see – 02/09/2024 – Market

Carnival changed part of the IPVA (Motor Vehicle Property Tax) 2024 payment schedule in the state of São Paulo.

Vehicles with final plates 1, 2 and 3 due for the second installment or single installment without discount will have until Thursday (15) to pay the tax. The reason is the closure of bank branches across the country.

For other drivers, there were no changes.

Check the IPVA 2024 payment calendar in February

End of plate Due date of the single installment or 2nd installment
1 15/Feb.
two 15/Feb.
3 15/Feb.
4 16/Feb.
5 17/Feb.
6 18/Feb.
7 19/Feb.
8 22/Feb.
9 23/Feb.
0 24/Feb.

See the complete IPVA 2024 calendar in the state of São Paulo

According to the São Paulo Treasury, the tax due date was scheduled for Carnival when the payment calendar was made because it was decided to leave the quotas on the same date, to facilitate taxpayers’ monthly organization.

“Just like last year, in order not to create confusion among taxpayers who pay tax in installments, Sefaz-SP chose to leave all due dates on the same day of the month – plate 1, for example, has the next due dates on the 11th. February, March 11, April 11 and May 11”, says a note from the organization.

Ash Wednesday (14) was not considered in the calendar, even with the reopening of banks, because there are different banking opening hours depending on the municipality.

How to pay

The tax amount can be consulted throughout the banking network or directly on the Treasury portal with the Renavam number and vehicle license plate.

Payment can be made via ATM or online banking. Just enter Renavam’s number. It is also possible to pay the amount via Pix.

In February, you can pay the tax in a single installment or you must pay the second installment for those who choose to pay in up to five installments.

Taxpayers who fail to pay the tax will pay a fine of 0.33% per day of delay and late payment interest based on the Selic rate. After 60 days of delay, the final percentage is 20% interest and fine.

After this period, if there is no payment, the debt will be included in the active debt, in addition to the inclusion of the owner’s name in the State Cadin, preventing him from taking advantage of any credit he may have due to requesting the Nota Fiscal Paulista. From the moment the IPVA debt is registered, the State Attorney General’s Office may collect it in court.

Failure to pay the IPVA prevents the vehicle from being relicensed. After the deadline set by Detran for licensing, the vehicle may be seized, with a fine applied by the traffic authority and seven points on the CNH (National Driving License).

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