Ibaneis dribbled impeachment and expulsion, but still fears STF – 03/16/2023 – Politics

Ibaneis dribbled impeachment and expulsion, but still fears STF – 03/16/2023 – Politics

Back at the Buriti Palace following a decision by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), managed to unlock political resistance that arose after the January 8 attacks.

More than two months after the episode, the opposition gave up asking for the impeachment of the governor, the MDB stopped airing the possibility of expulsion and five of the seven members of the CPI functioning in the Legislative Chamber are allies of the emedebista.

Legal issues, however, may still compromise the governor, investigated in an investigation at the STF (Supreme Federal Court) for alleged collusion with the coup leaders who invaded and destroyed the headquarters of the three Powers.

The governor of the DF appealed to the Supreme Court and obtained authorization to resume his position this Wednesday (15), 66 days after his removal – the initial deadline foreseen by Moraes was 90 days, but the minister understood that his return to the Executive does not compromise investigations.

The governor will hold a press conference this Thursday (16) to mark his return to office. Hours after Moraes’ decision, the emedebist went to the launch of a book organized by STF Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, at the headquarters of the Brazilian Bar Association.

During the period of removal, Ibaneis doubted that he would be able to anticipate his return, according to interlocutors. One of the most tense moments was after the decision in which Moraes classified the governor’s conduct as even worse than that of former minister and former secretary of Public Security Anderson Torres, who is in prison.

“The neglect of former Minister Anderson Torres […] the only thing that wasn’t more outrageous than the intentionally omissive conduct of the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha, who not only made public statements defending a false ‘free political demonstration in Brasília’ […] as well as ignoring all appeals from the authorities to carry out a security plan [para 8 de janeiro]”, he wrote.

Even though it was the main name of the MDB in the Federal District, Ibaneis also began to suffer political resistance after the attacks on the headquarters of the three Powers. Far from power, the emedebist was the target of attacks within the acronym and saw moves for his impeachment in the local Legislature.

The representation against the governor was announced the day after the attacks by one of the main leaders of the party, senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL). Despite the threat, not even the Alagoan asked the legend to expel the coreligionist.

Renan claims to have decided to wait for the result of the investigations and says that the departure of the DF governor from the party “is an inevitable consequence” if he is found guilty by the Justice.

“The fact is being investigated. And the most prudent thing is to wait for the result of the investigation. If not, we will prejudge it ourselves, it is not recommended. We are waiting for the investigation to be concluded”, says the parliamentarian.

During the period he was away, the governor had the support of former senator Romero Jucá (MDB-RR) and appealed to the main leaders of his party, including the national president, Baleia Rossi (SP).

Members of the caption executive claim that the governor may have been led to error in the conduct of January 8. One of them says that, if Ibaneis committed any crime, it was culpable, when there is no intention.

Despite this, even allies of the emedebista admit possible responsibility for having insisted on the appointment of Anderson Torres to command the local Public Security, even against the advice of ministers of the STF and members of the federal government.

In the Legislative Chamber of the DF, Ibaneis has the support of the majority of the 24 district deputies and, with the corporatism of the base, managed to contain the advance of discussions on eventual impeachment.

“Politically, I tell you: there are not 16 deputies in the Legislative Chamber willing to vote for the removal of Ibaneis. Sheet district deputy Chico Vigilante (PT), president of the CPI on Antidemocratic Acts.

“The situation in Ibaneis is not a political issue, but a legal one. It is up to Alexandre de Moraes, who must have more information than us, ordinary mortals.”

The district deputy says that, still in December, he was scheduled by the PT to talk to the retired governor and try to prevent Torres from returning to the Secretariat of Public Security —without success.

“I said it was reckless, that I shouldn’t name it, that there was a problem and dissatisfaction on the part of the federal government, that it wasn’t right. He turned around and said ‘okay, I’ll keep the [ex-secretário] Júlio Danilo until inauguration [de Lula] and then I bring him [Torres] back,” he said.

According to the PT, the CPI on Anti-Democratic Acts should not focus on the possible omission of Ibaneis. “I want to reach funders, which is my main objective”, he says.

Vigilante, however, claims that, in addition to the insistence on the name of Torres, the treatment given by the governor to the president of the STF, Minister Rosa Weber, could make her legal situation more difficult.

“It was a tremendous disrespect from Ibaneis when Rosa [Weber] pass the message to him and he responds just by sending the phone number of the [número 2 da Secretaria de Segurança] Fernando Oliveira. It’s kind of embarrassing,” he laughs.

A first-time ally of Ibaneis, MDB-DF president and federal deputy Rafael Prudente —former president of the Legislative Chamber until last year— added to the request to the STF for the governor to return to office before the deadline.

“I’ve been touring several regions in recent weeks and I’ve seen the sadness of the residents, who are always asking when the governor will return. Here is my appeal to the STF to restore the sparkle in the eyes of the residents here in our city”, he wrote on the networks social.

In prison since January 8, Ibaneis Rocha returned to social networks this Wednesday and released a video in which he promises to “work hard” for the population. In it, the governor also thanks his deputy, Celina Leão (PP), and the district deputies.

“People of the DF, I address you today with great joy and hope in my heart. After a difficult period, I patiently waited for the moment to return to the position that the population entrusted to me, confident in justice and in the judiciary of our country” , he wrote.

During the 66 days he was away, the Government of the Federal District was in charge of Celina Leão, one of the main allies of the mayor, Arthur Lira (PP-AL).

People close to Celina deny rumors that she tried to prevent the return of the local chief executive. They say, however, that she took advantage of the space to project herself in the gubernatorial race four years from now.

In a recent interview with Sheet, Celina said that Ibaneis acted in “good faith”. “I defend Governor Ibaneis, because a situation like that would never have crossed his mind. So, he was misinformed throughout the process that was taking place.”

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