Government prepares decree to change PF duties to manage CACs

Government prepares decree to change PF duties to manage CACs

The federal government is drafting a decree to transfer the management of records of CACs (Collectors, Shooters and Hunters), shooting clubs and weapons stores to the Federal Police from 2025, currently under the responsibility of the Army.

According to the director of Darm (National Arms Control Division) of the PF, delegate Humberto Brandão, a draft will be forwarded in the next few days for analysis by the new Ministry of Justice, Ricardo Lewandowski, contemplating changes to accommodate the CACs, which currently they own around 1.3 million weapons.

The proposal aims to elevate Darm to the status of general coordination, with several divisions under its jurisdiction, in addition to a division of Deleaq (Arms and Chemicals Control Office) in the states and the Federal District. To support this structure, 180 management positions are requested, with plans to outsource services and open a public administrative competition to quickly meet this demand.

“It is impossible to bring the CACs with this [atual] structure may collapse. The idea is to improve the structure at the ends. When you create an organizational chart, you specialize the workforce, specialize the provision of services and facilitate control and service to the public”, he said in an interview with Newspaper published this Tuesday (13).

Brandão emphasized the need to improve the operational structure to absorb CACs, aiming to specialize service and control to the public. Experts consider advances in arms control, with a significant reduction in authorizations for the acquisition of weapons intended for personal defense by the PF and a decrease in weapons concessions for CACs by the Army in 2023, compared to 2022. The Armed Forces clarified that the authorizations from 2023 correspond to requests from 2022.

The transfer of management of CACs, iro clubs and weapons stores from the Army to the Federal Police is one of the policies attributed to the department’s predecessor, Flávio Dino, which must be maintained by Lewandowski.

There is also the expectation that the weapons recovery program will also come to fruition, but there is still no prediction of when it should occur, mainly due to the year’s budget, which is quite tight and pressured by investments in public infrastructure, accounts, parliamentary amendments and the expectation of achieving the goal of eliminating the fiscal hole.

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