Giant anaconda is found dead in Bonito (MS) – 03/26/2024 – Environment

Giant anaconda is found dead in Bonito (MS) – 03/26/2024 – Environment


The Civil Police of Mato Grosso do Sul are investigating the causes of the death of a large anaconda, found on the banks of the Formoso River, a tourist attraction in Bonito (MS), this Sunday (24). The Environmental Military Police said that the snake, measuring approximately 6.3 m, was located in an advanced stage of decomposition.

Environmental police officers were sent to the location this Monday (25), after the corporation received several calls following a publication on social media reporting the death of the animal.

The post was made by documentary filmmaker Cristian Dimitrius, who has been filming snakes in the region for ten years. He named her Anajulia.

“She was found dead by the guides who take the tour there, close to the location known as the postcard waterfall. They saw her floating, removed her from the water and took photos. When the records came to me, I recognized the marks as those of the anaconda that I’ve been following all these years,” Dimitrius told Sheet.

In the publication, the documentary filmmaker indicated the possibility that the anaconda had been shot dead. But the Military Environmental Police said that it was not possible to identify whether there were perforations and that the causes of death will only be confirmed after analysis and investigation.

Dimitrius explains that he identified the snake based on the spots that the species has on its body. “These are marks that they have under their mouth and behind their eyes, which are like a fingerprint”, he says, who called on biologist and researcher Juliana Terra to help recognize the snake.

The specialist, who has been studying Anajulia for eight years, explains the role of the species in balancing the ecosystem.

“Green anacondas, more specifically the females, are top predators of the food chain. In other words, they can control the populations of their prey and have a great influence throughout the entire food web where they are inserted, contributing to a balanced ecosystem and healthy”, he says.

“This anaconda found dead was a female, adult, healthy and capable of reproducing. I have already recorded some of her reproductive events, and she would probably have many more reproductive events to contribute to the perpetuity of the species in the region. It is a very regrettable loss. “

Terra also says that the Anajulia anaconda was symbolic for the Bonito region. “She was very emblematic. Everyone involved in tourist tours at the site knew her, tourists knew of her existence and many came wanting to observe this animal. So, with this contact with people, she also contributed to the demystification of the species — the which is very important for conservation”, he highlights.

The snake has already been the protagonist of special BBC reports and documentaries and has appeared in various digital content.

According to delegate Pedro Ramalho, the animal will undergo forensic examination this Tuesday (26). “If it is proven that the death was caused by humans, that person will be charged with a crime against wildlife,” he says.

The commander of the Environmental Military Police, Colonel José Carlos Rodrigues, states that, after the examination, the anaconda will be taken to Campo Grande (300 km away from Bonito), where it will undergo an embalming process, to preserve its appearance and characteristics. characteristics of the animal.

“She will become part of our collection of taxidermied animals [conservados para exibição ou estudo] and will be part of the corporation’s exhibitions”, states Rodrigues.


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