Enjoy the last week of the Bom Gourmet Festival!

Enjoy the last week of the Bom Gourmet Festival!

Yes, as the famous saying goes: “all good things come to an end”, and if you haven’t checked out the Festival Bom Gourmet menus yet, enjoy it because we are in the last week of the biggest gastronomic festival in southern Brazil. The 17th edition of the Festival, in Curitiba, has 79 restaurants that present exclusive and complete menus (starter, main course and dessert) for fixed prices of: R$ 69.90, R$ 89.90 and R$ 109.90.

In addition to the capital of Paraná, the event also takes place for the second time in Porto Alegre, with the participation of 15 renowned houses from the city of Rio Grande do Sul, covering only two price ranges: R$ 69.90 and R$ 89.90.

In both capitals, consumers will be able to enjoy until March 26, to have a true gastronomic experience. The menus can be tasted both at lunch and dinner, depending on the opening hours of each establishment.

In this last week of the Bom Gourmet Festival, patrons can choose between vegetarian and vegan menus, with pasta, meat and seafood, in addition to varied specialties, such as Italian, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, among others.

This possibility of discovering restaurants with different culinary styles and experiencing different cuisines highlights the purpose of the event. As the head of Bom Gourmet, Caroline Olinda, states:

“Bom Gourmet has the mission of giving voice and visibility to the local gastronomy, which is very rich and, on the other hand, to make people go to the places and end up moving the city’s gastronomic scene”, he comments.

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For this edition, Festival Bom Gourmet, in Curitiba, has a partnership with the startup Composta+, a company recognized for its work in collecting and composting organic waste in the capital and metropolitan region.

In four years of operation, it has already carried out the composting of more than 5000 tons of organic waste, in addition to serving more than 400 companies and almost reaching the mark of 1000 homes. These results prove the mission of “a company with a positive social and environmental impact”, as highlighted by Igor Oliveira, founder and director of marketing and residential sales.

In addition to Composta+, this year the Festival, in Curitiba, is also sponsored by several established brands in the market, such as Paganini, Gold Food Service, Dinho Distribuidora, Ketel One Botanical and Laguna. The campaign for exchanging points for prizes on the Join and Exchange program relies on Platinox and Ceraflame.

Check out the news from the Bom Gourmet Festival in Curitiba and Porto Alegre!

Collect and Swap Promotion

The Bom Gourmet Festival, in Curitiba, provides consumers with an experience that goes beyond gastronomy, and it is also possible to purchase a special souvenir of the event. Every year, the Join and Swap promotion presents an exclusive item to present to food lovers who participate in the Festival. And in this edition, the toast is a French butter dish exclusive to Ceraflame.

To participate, simply download or update the Festival Bom Gourmet application (available for Android and iOS), and scan the invoices of participating restaurants to obtain points.

Each R$1.00 spent is worth one point in the promotion and, for every 300 points, customers can purchase a ceramic butter dish (250ml) at the Platinox store, Av. Presidente Kennedy 670, in the Rebouças neighborhood.

The prize can be redeemed until April 11th or while supplies last. Remembering that only one exchange per CPF can be made. Subscribers to Gazeta do Povo and Clube Gazeta do Povo automatically earn 50 points.

Check out the rules for the Join and Swap Promotion!

Access the Bom Gourmet Festival website or the app (available for Android and iOS) to check out all the restaurants participating in the Festival in Curitiba and Porto Alegre. Also follow all the Festival news on Instagram @gpbomgourmet and @festivalbomgourmet.

Check out the news from the Bom Gourmet Festival in Curitiba and Porto Alegre!

Check out the participating restaurants in Curitiba:

Aish Baladi Arabic Cuisine

almakan restaurant

Anarco Restaurant – Batel

Anarco Restaurant – Municipal Market

Warehouse 71 Cucina – Vino

Badida Carnes Nobres – ParkShoppingBarigüi

Badida Carnes Nobres – Sete de Setembro

Factory Bar – Bastards

victor’s bar

Baraquias – Juveve

Baraquias – ParkShoppingBarigüi

Barolo Trattoria – ParkShoppingBarigüi

Barolo Trattoria – Silva Jardim

Boteco Curitiba – Jockey

Boteco Curitiba – New World

Bull Prime Noble Meats – Batel

Bull Prime Noble Meats – Cabral

Bull Prime Noble Meats – Pátio Batel

c’la vie restaurant

Cantina do Délio – Batel

Cantina do Delio – Itupava

Cantina Famiglia Fadanelli

old dog curitiba


Cenacolo Restaurant & Events

Chateau de Gazon

Chez Margot

Coco Bambu – ParkShoppingBarigüi

Coco Bamboo – Shopping Crystal

Curry Pasta – Fusion Cuisine

Donna Cup

Doppo Cucina

Amy by KAZUO

euro bistro

Freres Gastronomy

Fun’iki Rooftop

Gianttura Ristorante

Stoneware Gastronomy & Emporium

Icarus – Casual Greek Food

Kore Qoya

Kore Suryaa

La Mafia Trattoria

La Vaca Steakhouse – Alto da XV

La Vaca Steakhouse – Shopping Mueller

Le Rechaud – Crepes Et Fondues


lemon tree food house

Maccheroni Trattoria

Malawi Restaurant

Mangoo Restaurante

Nayme Arabic Cuisine

Nuu Nikkei

O Fornão Pizzeria and Restaurant


Peace Osteria

ox room

Paco Kitchen and Bar

Paris 6 Bistro

Parma Bistro

Pata Negra


Pescara Cucina Italiana

Victor’s Petiscaria

Pepper Brasserie

poor Juan

victor’s square

King of Shrimp

Romeo Cucina


Street 444 – Batel

Street 444 – Patagonia

Swadisht Indian Cuisine

Terra Madre

Thai Thai Restaurant


Veg and Lev


Zahil Resto Wine

Z Sushi

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Check out the participating restaurants in Porto Alegre:



Di Paolo – Boulevard Laçador

Bresser Grocery

Expresso Di Paolo – Boulevard Laçador

Eat Kitchen – Embarcadero unit

Eat Kitchen – Novo Hamburgo unit

Eat Kitchen – Moinhos unit


POA Parrilla

poor Juan

POA Coffee Warehouse

Press Bar and Restaurant – Hilário unit

House of the Marquis

Marquês Emporio and Parrilla

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