Electronic micareta? From techno to trance, know how to differentiate rhythms that rock alternative carnival

Electronic micareta?  From techno to trance, know how to differentiate rhythms that rock alternative carnival

g1 listened to music producers who detailed the characteristics of the main aspects of electronic music. From techno to trance, know how to differentiate the aspects of electronic music Ax√©, samba, marchinhas and, why not, electronic music? Street blocks, electric trios and festivals of this musical style are already a reality in Brazilian carnival and entertain revelers to the sounds of different aspects of the genre, such as house, techno and trance. But can you distinguish all this diversity of electronic music styles? To this end, g1 invited three music producers and DJs who will perform at the largest electronic music carnival in Brazil in terms of number of attractions, held at an entertainment complex in Valinhos (SP). ūüíŅ They are: Vegas: DJ and one of the biggest Psy Trance producers in the world Murphy: Techno producer and DJ with a 32-year national and international career Carol F√°vero: Tech House producer and DJ and electronic music revelation The report can be watched in the video above and was also detailed in text under five topics: What is electronic music Psychedelic Trance Techno and its aspects House and its aspects Electronics Carnival READ ALSO: Electronic music carnival in the interior of SP will have Peggy Gou, Disclosure, Artbat, Vegas and Maz; see line-up Valinhos, in the Campinas region, hosts the biggest electronic music carnival in Brazil Alisson Demetrio/ Laroc Club What is electronic music According to Murphy, electronic music is a musical genre that began in the 1970s in Germany. These are songs created using electronic equipment, such as drum machines and synthesizers and, almost always, constructed by the computer. Currently, the most popular and commercial aspect is EDM (Electronic Dance Music), which brings together several sub-genres of electronic music with vocals from pop songs. Among the big names in EDM are Brazilians Vintage Culture and Alok, and foreign DJs such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Alesso. To differentiate the aspects of electronic music, you need to keep two things in mind: BPM: The number of beats of the music per minute, used to identify the rhythmic speed. In electronic music, House tends to have the lowest BPM, Techno is intermediate and Trance generally has the fastest beats. Elements: instruments, bass, synthesizers, drums, percussion, vocals are some of the characteristics that characterize an aspect of electronic music. Psychedelic Trance Psychedelic Trance (Psy Trance) is, according to Vegas, the strongest aspect of Trance today. In addition to a BPM hovering around 140, Psy is an organic aspect with vocals that presents musical elements from India, where it originated, such as mantras, melodies and Indian instruments. “In Psy Trance, I think this vibe is stronger, this feeling of freedom”, said Vegas. In addition to Vegas, DJs Armin Van Buuren, Astrix, Blazy and Aura Vortex are prominent in the trance scene. Techno and its aspects Classic techno: born in Detroit (USA), characterized by the use of piano and long chords. It expresses industrial sounds from the region’s factories, enjoyed at parties held in abandoned warehouses of the time. It has stronger beats than House. Highlights in this section are foreign DJs Charlotte de Witte and Amelie Lens and Brazilians Murphy, Anna and Renato Ratier. Melodic Techno: this is a trending trend in electronic music. It mixes techno beats with expressive melodies and, in most cases, vocals. It’s an aspect that conveys a lot of emotion, according to Murphy. Among the artists highlighted in this section are foreigners Camelphat, Tale of Us and Artbat and Brazilians Binaryh and Blancah. Hardstyle Techno: has a higher BPM than Techno and has very strong, dark and fast beats. “It’s the hammer thing,” said Murphy. Lilly Palmer, Acid Asian, ki/Ki and Fernanda Martins are some of the prominent DJs in the area. House and its aspects Classic house: it is one of the oldest genres of electronic music, which contains elements of disco music and black music. “Father” of several other genres such as techno, it remains the predominant genre of EDM. Artists to listen to in this section: Mochakk, Purple Disco Machine and Illusionize. Afro House: it is the most organic aspect of House, with many percussions and also vocals that carry ancestry. Featured artists: Maz, Antdot, Keinemusik, Curol and Black Coffee. Tech House: is an aspect of house that incorporates techno elements such as cymbals and basses. It is marked by the greater presence of drums and a faster BPM than melodic genres. DJs to listen to: Gabe, Glen, Jamie Jones, Volkoder and Classmatic. Electronic Carnival According to the DJs interviewed by g1, electronic music has been gaining more and more space at Carnival. There are already numerous street blocks with this genre in Belo Horizonte, such as CarnaKvsh, in Rio de Janeiro and S√£o Paulo. In Salvador, there is Pipoca do Alok with a five-hour electric trio. In Valinhos, an entertainment complex with two clubs hosts the biggest electronic music carnival in Brazil. Around 50 foreign and Brazilian DJs will take turns at three days of partying. Among the attractions, the South Korean DJ Peggy Gou, the Ukrainian duo Artbat, the English duo Disclosure and the Brazilians Vegas, Maz and Cat Dealers. 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