This beaded top costs more than R$1,000. There are people who pay even more… Why?

This beaded top costs more than R,000.  There are people who pay even more… Why?

A trend at Carnival 2024, beaded looks win over revelers, are the subject of tutorials and have a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. Pearl, crystal, acrylic, glass and so on. Miçanga is a favorite among revelers. The main trend at this year’s Carnival, tops with the material can cost more than a thousand reais and have gone viral in DIY videos, Do It Yourself — in Portuguese, Do It Yourself. After metallic disco dominated the last Carnival, the wave of the beaded look arrives amidst mermaidcore, “mermaid fashion” that highlights the ocean, exposed skin and artisanal design. Beaded top is the favorite at Carnival 2024 “Sales have exploded. There’s a lot going on,” says Fernanda Rebello, creative director of Gansho, a São Paulo brand full of extravagant clothes and accessories ranging from R$600 to R$4,000 . This Carnival, the Bejweled top (R$ 1,199) is, according to the director, one of the label’s best-selling items. The piece is entirely made from straight and rounded acrylic crystals that, intertwined, form an ultra-colorful shiny look. READ ALSO: From Ivete to Pabllo, the 3 best songs from Carnival 2024 analyzed by g1 From the left. on the right: Tops Coração (R$879), Margarida (R$749) and Bejweled (R$119), all from Gansho Gansho. In addition, the tops Laranja (R$799), Margarida (R$799) and Collors (R$ 649) — all made of beads — were other best sellers, says Fernanda. But even though there is no shortage of buyers for the brand’s pieces, their prices are subject to criticism. “Why does a beaded top cost so much money?” is a recurring question that the director says she hears. Top Collors (R$649), from Gansho Gansho How much the look is worth “We work with a chain of local suppliers. It takes a lot of time, research, modeling and materials”, says Fernanda. Made to measure, Gansho’s pieces are in the wake of handmade looks. In other words, they go in the opposite direction to fast fashion, a textile model of accelerated production and sales. As beads and crafts go hand in hand, the brand is not the only one to sell clothes in this style at this price range. Beaded tops from Acessórios Gorete Leal, on sale for (from left to right) R$520, R$590 and R$559 Acessórios Gorete Leal In the case of carnival beaded tops, prices generally range from R$300 to R$ 800. Some cost more than R$ 1000. For example, in Aloe and Zig Glow stores, most models cost around R$ 300. In Ohlograma and Acessórios Gorete Leal, R$ 500. In Gansho, R$ $800. The type and quantity of beads, the design of the piece, the level of exclusivity of the order. Everything goes into the account. Top Erva Venenosa, by Zizi Glow, on sale for R$299 Zig Glow “It’s not just about craftsmanship. There are pieces that take me six, eight hours to make”, says Gorete Leal, designer at the store Acessórios Gorete Leal. “Each piece is unique. There is no equal, because I always mix different pendants, chains and beads.” From swiftie bracelets to haute couture Beaded tops are, in Gorete’s words, body jewelry. Although this type of raw material is subject to a stereotype that treats it as synonymous with jewelry, its reality is more diverse. Anyone who thinks that beads is just a pile of colorful balls from children’s kits, a passion of many girls in the 1990s and 2000s, is very mistaken. With a literal meaning of “small glass beads”, beads come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures. Records of use are ancient, dating back to periods before Christ. Since then, they have been used as currency, religious symbols, works of art and clothing. Whether in the form of bracelets for Taylor Swift fans, or in haute couture from brands like Chanel, beads are a hit. Although, obviously, sold at different prices. Taylor Swift’s friendship bracelets on the door of Engenhão Cristina Boeckel/g1 In the search for the ideal beads “What’s also happening a lot this Carnival is tops with pendants”, says Fernanda, citing as an example the piece called Porcaria, by Gansho. Although not exactly made of beads, the pendants are associated with the group due to their similarity with the uses, shapes and colors of the stones. Sold for R$1499, the Porcaria top features cute miniatures of figures such as fried eggs and yellow ducks, in a look that overflows kidcore, with a playful aesthetic full of references to childhood. Top Porcaria (R$1499), from Gansho Gansho Hands-on. Or rather, the look “As it’s manual work, you can create tops in different shapes. Customers send photos, drawings of what they want”, says Maria Cortez, responsible for Use.V&M, who also surfs the trend of the moment. There, the majority of orders are body chains (made of beads, of course), according to Maria. Cheaper than tops, chains start at R$120. Body chains and head pieces from Use.V&M Use.V&M As they are not made to measure, accessories such as body chains, head pieces, earrings and necklaces are, in fact, a promising alternative for revelers who want to get into fashion without shelling out high prices. Another possible solution is to watch one of the many DIY videos on beaded tops, which have been going viral on social media since January. Chance to test your own craft skills, putting your hands to make your carnival look.

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