Dino’s choice to the STF was “very correct”, says Silvio Almeida

Dino’s choice to the STF was “very correct”, says Silvio Almeida

The Minister of Human Rights, Silvio Almeida, praised the school of the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, for a vacancy on the Federal Supreme Court (STF), despite having defended that a black woman be chosen for the position. The information was given in an interview with Portal UOLthis Friday (8).

“In this historical moment that we are living in, in these circumstances, Flávio Dino’s choice is the right one. […] I think that minister Flávio Dino, if the Senate so decides, will be one of the greatest ministers in the history of the Supreme Court due to the qualities he has”, declared the minister.

Regarding the appointment of a black woman to the position, Almeida said “it is fundamental” and pointed out the need to “move towards having a black woman in the STF”. “See, these things don’t happen spontaneously, they have to be political decisions made in specific circumstances,” she said.

When asked about the case of the “drug lady”, the minister highlighted that “there was no error on the part of the ministry” in paying for her trip to Brasília, and mentioned that “the attacks on her visits were unfair”. “I would veto, obviously, if there were elements that could challenge the human rights policy. We can create better filters that respect taxpayers and make the ministry more protected from this type of attack, but we cannot fail to guarantee rights and guarantees fundamental. And the rules for issuing tickets were strictly complied with”, he explained.

Almeida also spoke about the death of Cleriston Pereira in Papuda, one of the defendants of the 8th of January and stated that his portfolio has been monitoring the situation of those arrested for the attacks on the Three Powers “since the first day” through mechanisms such as the National Rights Ombudsman Humans, but the poor conditions at Papuda are no exception to the Brazilian prison system.

According to the minister, “whoever falls into the prison system falls into hell.” “We had the regrettable death of Cleriston. What is important to say is that the problem he had is repeated in several parts of the country”, he declared.

Regarding the clash with opposition parliamentarians, in a hearing in the Chamber of Deputies, last Tuesday (5), Almeida said that he is “not afraid of a fight”. “The debate and the clash with those who want to destroy Brazil, want to turn Brazil into hell, it has to be done all the time. If this role falls to me, I will do it with a sense of mission. It’s not easy for me , but it’s not easy for him either,” he told UOL.

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