Deputies will ask for impeachment of minister for paying for tickets for the “drug lady”

Deputies will ask for impeachment of minister for paying for tickets for the “drug lady”

A group of 41 deputies will ask, on the afternoon of this Thursday (16), the impeachment of Minister Silvio Almeida, of Human Rights, who admitted to having financed the trip of the woman who became known as the “Amazonian drug lady” to Brasília, last week last.

Luciane Barbosa Farias, wife of one of the leaders of Comando Vermelho in Amazonas, participated in a conference that brought together state human rights committees, held on the 6th and 7th. Her name was nominated by the local committee that is part of the National Prevention System and Combating Torture.

Silvio Almeida stated that the ministry only paid for the tickets, and that the nominations are the exclusive responsibility of the state committees, with administrative and budgetary autonomy. Luciane is president of the NGO Instituto Liberdade do Amazonas, identified by the state’s Civil Police as linked to the criminal faction and which works on behalf of factionalized inmates.

In the impeachment request headed by federal deputy Rodrigo Valadares (União-SE) and which will be signed by another 40 parliamentarians, Silvio Almeida would have committed a crime of responsibility for paying Luciana’s travel expenses and having made “the state apparatus at the disposal of an individual umbilically linked to illicit drug trafficking, demeaning the Republic, instrumentalized in favor of the interest of the criminal group represented by that person”, says the preliminary request to which the People’s Gazette had access.

According to a source close to the deputy, the final version of the complaint will also mention the investigation of the NGO for money laundering by Comando Vermelho and the conviction of Luciane for being the financial operator of the faction in the state, for 10 years. The final version will be filed with the Chamber of Deputies this Thursday afternoon (16).

“His conduct, in addition to demonstrating at least scandalous complicity on the part of the highest levels of the Federal Administration with organized crime, which began to frequent the most noble halls of the Executive Branch, is also demonstrative of his willingness to – at the head of the Ministry of Human Rights – use State resources to facilitate the penetration of criminal associates into the heart of the public apparatus”, completes the request.

Valadares states that Almeida “vilifies” the country and reduces it to the “undignified condition of a narco-state, in which the tentacles of crime enter the public sector and make it a tool to continue committing crimes in series”, acting “in a way that is incompatible with the dignity of the your job title”.

Minister Silvio Almeida refuted the accusations and said that there is a “widespread attempt, on the part of right-wing extremists, to manufacture scandals at all times and undermine the reconstruction of human rights policy, since they can only offer the country chaos and destruction ”. “At a time when Brazil is desperately returning to its path, certain figures are trying to link the government to organized crime,” he added.

In addition to her recent participation in the conference, Luciane also had meetings with secretaries of the Ministry of Justice at the beginning of the year to, she says, raise demands about irregularities in the Amazonas prison system. The meetings, however, were not recorded on the official agenda.

The “Amazonian drug lady” also met with politicians from the government base, such as federal deputies Guilherme Boulos (PSOL-SP) and André Janones (Avante-MG), circulated through the corridors of Congress and even met with minister Luiz Philippe Vieira de Mello Filho, from the Superior Labor Court (TST).

Luciane’s meetings with the secretaries were mediated by lawyer Janira Rocha, former state deputy for PSOL-RJ in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, convicted by the courts for the practice of “rachadinha” when she was a parliamentarian. According to the investigation, she and the NGO chaired by the “drug lady”, Instituto Liberdade do Amazonas, had expenses paid by Comando Vermelho.

Known as the “Amazonian drug lady”, Luciene is married to Clemilson dos Santos Farias, also called “Uncle Patinhas”, who is one of the leaders of Comando Vermelho in the region. He was number one on the Amazonas government’s wanted list until he was arrested in December last year.

Luciane and her husband were convicted in the second instance of money laundering, association for drug trafficking and criminal organization, but Luciene is still free.

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