David Almeida opens the Municipalities and Paramunicipalities in Manaus

David Almeida opens the Municipalities and Paramunicipalities in Manaus

school games

The events aim to develop school sports, promoting student socialization

Manaus (AM) – The mayor of Manaus, David Almeida, held, this Tuesday morning (14), the opening of the 24th Municipal and 6th Paramunicipias, at the Amadeu Teixeira multi-sports arena, located on Avenida Constantino Nery, Zona Centro-Sul. With the theme “Education: Commitment of all, enhancing the integral formation of human beings”, the event has the participation of more than six thousand students from the municipal education network.

According to the mayor, the Municipalities aim to develop school sports, promoting the socialization of students.

“We want, through sporting activities, to carry out social, educational and participatory inclusion work, because I see sport as one of the most important inclusion tools, together with education, education and sport working together, we will certainly have a better society. We have 6,500 athletes involved in the 24th Municipalities, and I reinforce here for teachers the importance of making investments in education without forgetting sport”,

guaranteed Almeida.

The event began with the parades of delegations, representing the seven Zonal District Divisions (DDZs) and shortly afterwards the lighting of the Olympic torch, which passed through the hands of several athletes, until reaching the lighting of the cauldron. Selections for the games have taken place since March this year and, now, in the final phase, approximately 6,500 students will participate in the Municipalities and 250 in the Paramunicipiadas, who will compete in 14 modalities: volleyball, basketball, futsal, handball, field football, athletics, table tennis, chess, swimming, judo, jiu-jitsu, badminton and rhythmic gymnastics, on an exhibition basis.

“We are moving educational sports much more, because we have a mayor who allows this. Today, we have sports such as chess in 60 Semed schools, bringing quality entertainment and sports to our children. We are the third largest network in Brazil, and that is how we need to act, and we are acting”,

said the head of the Municipal Department of Education (Semed), Dulce Almeida.

School games

Semed’s Sports coordinator, Ronnie Melo, highlighted that during the year, other activities were carried out, and that the disputes began with the participation of more than 12 thousand students from 298 schools.

“This event marks the end of educational sports at Semed. Throughout the year we carry out various sporting activities, where we started with more than 12 thousand students and at the end, we had approximately six thousand athletes. There are many children and teenagers involved in sports”,


One of these athletes is Antônia Manuela Paiva, 15 years old, 9th year, student at the municipal school Raymunda de Mattos Pereira Gadelha, in Tarumã, west of the capital. For her, this moment will be remembered forever. “I feel very flattered to have been the first to carry the Olympic torch. This was a very rewarding experience and one that will forever remain in my memory”, said the athletics champion in the 100 meters and 300 hurdles.

For student Manoela Martins, 14 years old, 8th year, from the municipal school Santa Rosa 2, classified in Futsal, sport is fundamental in people’s lives.

“Sport is very important in people’s lives, for the body and also for the psychological, as there is contact with other people. I am very confident that our school will be champions in futsal”,

said the student.

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