Datena’s dispute to the City of São Paulo by the PDT generates disbelief

Datena’s dispute to the City of São Paulo by the PDT generates disbelief


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José Luis Datena, Brazilian journalist and presenter| Photo: Disclosure/TV Bandeirantes

Journalist and presenter José Luiz Datena closed an agreement with the Democratic Labor Party (PDT) of Ciro Gomes and will be one of the candidates for São Paulo City Hall in 2024. In the dispute, it is assumed that he will run against Ricardo Nunes, candidate for re-election by MDB.

“Datena joined months ago, making his name available to be the mayoral candidate for the PDT. We are very happy and excited about this decision. He will strengthen our party and our cause, as he is a man committed to popular causes” , said the president of the acronym, Carlos Lupi, to the newspaper The State of S. Paulo.

Despite the announcement and Datena’s conviction to contest these elections, his candidacy for mayor of São Paulo generates distrust in the face of the history of four withdrawals from a political career. Several users of social networks made disbelieving comments about the possible resignation of the electoral process.

Datena’s most recent withdrawal was in October last year, when the presenter claimed that the action of “radical groups” made him back out of the Senate candidacy. At the time, he was one of the most popular candidates for the Senate in São Paulo and was affiliated with the PSC after leaving União Brasil.

The other withdrawals took place in 2020, when he would run as Bruno Covas’ deputy for the PSDB for São Paulo City Hall. Two years earlier, in 2018, Datena was quoted as a candidate for the Senate by the DEM. In 2016, the first announcement of the journalist’s entry into politics took place, as a candidate for mayor of São Paulo by the PP.


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