Datafolha: 65% think that 8/1 was vandalism and 30%, a scam – 03/29/2024 – Power

Datafolha: 65% think that 8/1 was vandalism and 30%, a scam – 03/29/2024 – Power


The invasion and vandalism of the headquarters of the three Powers on January 8, 2023 was an act of vandalism for the majority of Brazilians, 65%, according to the most recent Datafolha survey. For 30%, the acts were an attempted coup d’état.

The institute questioned its 2,002 interviewees on March 19 and 20 about the topic, which has dominated Brazilian politics since then. 5% of those interviewed in 147 cities were unable to give their opinion. The margin of error is plus or minus two points.

More than 1,400 complaints have been prepared by the Federal Public Ministry about the case so far, and 145 people have already been sentenced to sentences ranging from 3 to 17 years by the Federal Supreme Court.

The case galvanized an institutional reaction, and investigations into the circumstances that led to the apoplexy of the coup act arrived at the door of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), based on investigations into a plot to keep him in power after the defeat to Lula (PT) in the 2022 second round.

For the rapporteur of the case at the Supreme Court, minister Alexandre de Moraes, the nature of what occurred on January 8 was an attempted coup, while politicians from the Bolsonaro sphere seek to shift the blame onto the protesters, classifying them as vandals subject to a legal framework. exacerbated.

As would be predictable in the polarized Brazilian situation, PT members and Bolsonaro supporters disagree about what happened.

According to Datafolha, 77% of those who voted for the former president think that the 8/1 was an episode of vandalism, compared to 52% of those who voted for Lula in the second round. The idea that there was an attempted coup reaches 46% of the current president’s voters and 16% of those who supported his predecessor.

When the interviewee’s party preference is questioned, 45% of those who say they are PT members say that it was an attempted coup, while 78% of those who say they prefer Bolsonaro’s PL say that it was an act of vandals.

From a third possible perspective, the one that divides the electorate into Bolsonaro supporters, PT supporters and neutrals, the results are similar.

There is a significant discrepancy in the opinion of those 2% of the Datafolha population sample who earn more than 10 minimum wages. In this range, 40% believe that it was an attempted coup.


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