Codam approves projects worth R$1.6 billion in investments

Codam approves projects worth R$1.6 billion in investments


First meeting 2024

The meeting was marked by tributes for the 57th anniversary of the implementation of the Manaus Free Trade Zone model

Manaus (AM) — The vice-governor of Amazonas, Tadeu de Souza, presided, this Thursday (29), the 306th ordinary meeting of the Amazonas Development Council (Codam), the first of 2024, which approved projects worth R$1, 65 billion in new investments, with the creation of 748 new jobs. The meeting was marked by tributes for the 57th anniversary of the implementation of the Manaus Free Zone (ZFM) model.

During the collegiate discussions, the vice-governor reinforced the Wilson Lima Government’s commitment to economic measures that maintain the competitiveness of the business environment and, at the same time, generate employment and income. For Tadeu de Souza, the approved investments reflect the moment of strengthening of the Manaus Industrial Pole (PIM) in light of the country’s current industrial policy.

“This is a demonstration of how much the Manaus Free Trade Zone impacts not only the city of Manaus, the state of Amazonas, but the entire North region. The model, which began with the granting of tax incentives, is today a consolidated, environmental and social model that has transformed the North of Brazil and, above all, the lives of Amazonians”,

highlighted the vice-governor.

The meeting took place in the auditorium of the National Industrial Learning Service (Senai), in the Distrito Industrial neighborhood, South Zone of Manaus. In total, Codam members evaluated an agenda of 32 industrial projects, 10 of which were for implementation (new projects), 18 for diversification (new production lines) and four for updating (changes and/or improvements to their industrial processes).


Among the approved projects is that of Yamaha Motor da Amazônia, with an investment of R$ 1 billion, to update the following products in its factory located in PIM: scooters from 100 to 450 cylinders; motorcycle over 100 to 450 cylinders; and motorcycles above 450 cc.

Another project in evidence is from the company Cal-Comp Indústria e Comércio de Eletrônicos e Informática, which plans to start production of cell phones from the Chinese brand Vivo, which has not yet arrived in Brazil. The investment will be R$332.06 million with the creation of 109 new jobs at PIM.


Codam also paid tribute to the 57th anniversary of the beginning of ZFM and the creation of the Superintendence of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (Suframa), celebrated on Wednesday (28/02). Furthermore, the 55th anniversary of the granting of state incentives, authorized through Decree-Law No. 839, of December 17, 1968, was celebrated.

During the event, family members of former governor Danilo Areosa, who sanctioned the ZFM state incentives law, were honored, together with his technical team at the time, composed of Francisco Monteiro de Paulo, Vinicius Câmara, João Augusto Loureiro, Benjamin Sanches, Elson Farias and José Lopes da Silva.

Preventive action

The head of the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sedecti), Serafim Corrêa, said that preventive measures to face a possible severe drought in the second half of this year are already being adopted by the State Government.

According to the secretary, Governor Wilson Lima is coordinating with the Federal Government the start of river dredging procedures in the state for the month of May.

“The State Government, through the governor, and I have been following him on these agendas, has maintained permanent contact with the Federal Government so that dredging, which is the most effective way for us to prevent ourselves, can begin on May 1st, the which, according to all navigation operators, is the ideal time to start. This will greatly reduce the risks that we took last year, but which we do not intend to take this year”,

highlighted Seraphim.

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