Citizen Chamber breaks record with 9,500 services provided in the 3rd edition

Citizen Chamber breaks record with 9,500 services provided in the 3rd edition


In three editions, the CMM project, formulated by Caio André, has already reached 26.5 thousand services to the population of Manaus

Manaus (AM) – In its third edition, the Citizen Chamber broke a record and provided 9,500 services in two days of activities at the Padre Pedro Vignola Family Community Center, Cidade Nova, north of the capital. Between the three editions, the Citizen Chamber reached 26.5 thousand services provided to the Manaus population in the east, south and north zones. The project was designed by the president of the Manaus City Council (CMM), councilor Caio André (Podemos).

“We broke attendance records and the Citizen Chamber continues to fulfill its role, which is to be together with the population. This is the result of partnerships, but it is mainly the result of the work of the councilors and employees of the House. We are able to deliver services to the population that effectively change people’s lives”,

stated Caio André.

In this edition, more than 140 free services were made available on Thursday and Friday (14 and 15/09). New to the program, sports and leisure activities such as dance classes and functional training were also carried out over the two days of services. The actions were carried out in partnership with the project “More life”from the State Government.

Photo: Mauro Pereira, Diego Caja and Emerson França – Dicom/CMM

A Popular Tribune was held on the second day of the Citizens’ Chamber, chaired by councilor Caio André, with the participation of parliamentarians from the 18th Legislature. The objective was to listen and welcome the demands of residents of the north zone of Manaus, in neighborhoods such as Cidade Nova and Riacho Doce.

Also to listen to and address the needs of the population, rotating offices were set up at the Community Center. In the spaces, councilors from the 18th Legislature received community members and residents of the area.

Photo: Mauro Pereira, Diego Caja and Emerson França – Dicom/CMM

Before arriving in the north zone, the Citizen Chamber had already provided more than 8 thousand services at the Carlos Zamith stadium, east zone; and more than 9 thousand at the Centro Cultural dos Povos da Amazônia, in the south of Manaus.


With the State Government, in this third edition, partnerships were signed with bodies such as the Secretariat of Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), Secretariat of State for Social Assistance (Seas), Secretariat of Public Security (SSP-AM) and Fund of Social Promotion and Poverty Eradication (FPS).

Other bodies were also present, such as the Amazonas Housing Superintendency (Suhab), State Public Defender’s Office (DPE-AM), Consumer Protection Institute (Procon-AM), Amazonas State Traffic Department (Detran-AM), State Attorney General’s Office, Amazonas Sanitation Company (Cosama) and Executive Secretariat for Labor and Entrepreneurship (Setemp).

Manaus City Hall offered activities from the Municipal Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability (Semmas), Municipal Secretariat of Health (Semsa), Municipal Secretariat for Women, Social Assistance and Citizenship (Semasc), Municipal Secretariat for Labor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Semtepi ), Union of Passenger Transport Companies (Sinetram) and the Guardianship Council.

Photo: Mauro Pereira, Diego Caja and Emerson França – Dicom/CMM

Associations, institutes and universities were part of the event, such as the Brazilian Title Protest Studies Institute (IEPTB), Associação Mulheres Amazonenses nas Comunidades (AMAC), Centro Universitário Luterano de Manaus (Ulbra), Faculdade Martha Falcão, Instituto PCD ( Somos Mais Fortes), Centro Universitário do Norte (UniNorte), Federation of Industries of Amazonas (Fieam), Eco Cooperativa, Senac-AM, Centec and Gráfica Manaus.

Concessionaires such as Águas de Manaus, Amazonas Energia and Claro Manaus carried out negotiations and provided support to customers. Through the Manaus City Council, activities from the Léa Alencar Antony Legislative School and the CMM Ombudsman’s Office were also in the third edition.

*With information from CMM

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