Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.| Photo: Pablo Valadares/Chamber of Deputies.

The Chamber of Deputies concluded this Wednesday (24) the vote on the new fiscal framework. Highlights submitted to change the text were rejected. The proposal goes to the Senate for analysis. The basic text was approved with 372 votes in favor, 108 against and 1 abstention.

One of the highlights provided for the overthrow of the article that determines the accountability of the public agent only if he has not adopted the contingency measures, so there would be the possibility of framing the manager in the crime of responsibility. Another proposal for change called for the withdrawal of the Constitutional Fund of the Federal District from the new expense correction rule.

Another highlight requested that the permission to open additional credit in case of good revenue performance for the 2024 fiscal year be deleted from the text; and another foresaw the use of a possible increase in the federal tax burden in 2023, compared to 2022, for the payment of the public debt, informed Agência Câmara. With all proposals rejected, if Congress approves the new fiscal rule, it will replace the spending ceiling.