CBF recognizes VAR error in penalty shootout

CBF recognizes VAR error in penalty shootout

A CBF Arbitration Commission recognized this Tuesday that the arbitration team made a mistake by not awarding a penalty in favor of Grêmio in the draw with Corinthians, 4-4, on Monday night, in the Brasileirão game. In the move, striker Yuri Alberto gets his hand on the ball inside the area, in the 49th minute of the second half, at the Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo.

“The number 9 of the black and white team, in blocking action, with his arm in an unnatural position and increasing his body space, intercepts a cross into the area. Blocking the ball with his arm constitutes a penalty infringement. Therefore, a penalty should be marked on the field of play. And, when not marked, the VAR should recommend a review for such action”, he stated Pericles Bassolstechnical manager of VAR, in a video published by CBF.

Bassols makes the statement before presenting the audio of the conversation between Wilton Pereira Sampaio, field judge, with the VAR team, led by Emerson de Almeida Ferreira.

“The player (Yuri Alberto) even ‘having’ his hand in that position is natural for this dispute over the ball and does not ‘have’ the intention of blocking”, said Emerson, commander of the video referee in the match. “You don’t think he has his arm very open,” argues the VAR assistant. “He is, but for me he has no intention of blocking, but rather of fighting for the ball. He is withdrawing his arm.”

When reviewing the play through the VAR booth, the referees assessed the possibility that the ball had glanced off the foot of Fagner, the Corinthians right-back, before reaching Yuri Alberto’s arm. At the angles used, it is possible to determine that there was no contact. If it were detected, the penalty should not have been awarded and would constitute a correct decision by the referee.

The move, which occurred in stoppage time of the second half, was one of the most controversial in the game. Ferreira got up in the area and the ball went straight into the hand of Yuri Alberto, who was inside the area. Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO-Fifa) did not take the penalty, which sparked outrage on the part of the Rio Grande do Sul team. The match was tied at 4-4.

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