CBA makes projects available to receive investments under the PD&I Law

CBA makes projects available to receive investments under the PD&I Law



CBA projects are solutions developed from applied research in biodiversity

Manaus (AM) — The Amazon Biobusiness Center (CBA) is making available the first part of the portfolio of projects and solutions that are capable of receiving investments established by the RD&I Law. The set of initiatives can be accessed through the institution’s new website at

“Disclosure of this portfolio is an extremely important step to increase CBA’s dialogue with this business community and investor in RD&I projects”,

highlighted the general director of CBA, Márcio Miranda.

To date, there are eight projects relating to research that are already being developed at the CBA facilities through the institution’s research team. The value of the projects varies between R$1.5 million and R$4 million.

The presentation of the projects meets the requirements of the joint MDIC/Suframa decree no. 11 of December 27, 2023, which deals with the application of resources in Social Organizations that maintain a management contract with the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC ) and that promote and encourage the carrying out of research, development and innovation projects in the area of ​​bioeconomy based in the Western Amazon or in the State of Amapá.

For CBA’s Biobusiness director, Andrea Lanza, the selected projects prioritize the valorization of production chains and the sharing of benefits with traditional populations.

“This is the great mission that the CBA has sought to develop now in this new guise, in this new version and in this new management”,

Lanza highlighted.

All CBA projects are solutions developed from applied research in biodiversity, stimulating the development of sustainable technologies, in high-tech multi-user laboratories, an environment with an open innovation system, stimulating business partnerships, encouraging the structuring and strengthening of production chains, preserving the environment, promoting social and economic benefits for traditional communities and valuing knowledge of Amazonian origin.

CBA’s Director of Operations, Caio Perecin, explained how the projects were selected. “We sought to understand market demands with companies, producers, government agents and non-governmental organizations that also have knowledge of production chains, to meet these demands with new technological solutions that promote the generation of new biobusinesses and the generation of income for riverside populations and traditional populations”, stated Caio.

The projects presented on the website are as follows:

  • 1.Use of sludge from a Sewage Treatment Plant for the production of organic fertilizer;
  • 2. Obtaining and characterizing a clarified bacaba and açaí drink and clinical study of its use in the control of atherosclerosis and obesity;
  • 3.Biodefensives for Agriculture: Use of microorganisms in the biological control of pests and diseases of crops of economic importance in the Amazon;
  • 4.Biofertilizers for use in regional agricultural production systems based on Amazonian microorganisms;
  • 5.Structuring the Curauá production chain for the development of prototypes;
  • 6.Development of intelligent and sustainable packaging based on agro-industrial waste;
  • 7.Amazonian microalgae as a source of inputs for plant-based products and to obtain natural pigments;
  • 8. Structuring the CBA Analytical Center for monitoring quality in the copaíba oil production chain.

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